Tuesday, 5 July 2016

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Zimbabwe is at the crossroads.  On 6 July citizens have mobilised for a mass stay away, a shutdown of the country already on it's knees.

The shutdown poster doing rounds on social medal
This is the first time in years that Zimbabwean people have mass mobilized for political change in their own country.  For a long time, protests have been organised and staged by either civic organisations or the main opposition party, MDC of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Title of running series on Ananrchy in Zimbabwe
The protests which are mainly sporadic and uncoordinated have become more intense as civillians gain confidence and more violent as government keeps ignoring the people's cry.  Without a leader to lead the masses, the people are doing what's within their power to make their voices heard.  This comes at a time when civil servants are joining the national action, crippling health, education and other government departments.

One man protest over the missing $15billion worth of diamonds at parliament building.
The protests are about a ban on food imports in a nation that suffered a drought, high unemployment, corruption especially at roadblocks by the police, and general frustration at the slow pace of progress and development in a nation where there's more than 15 universities.

Protests being met with police brutality
The protests have so far been met with cruelty, harshness and wanton brutality by the government through the police force.  Activists and innocent people have been severely brutalised, arrested and apprehended by the law enforcement agents much to the dismay of the public.

Meanwhile, the president who claims he can't retire because the people love him so much, remains mum on the issue.

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