Monday, 13 June 2016

#TheWalkingDead | Chinese colonisation | Renamo

The world's population continues to grow and the population distribution remains as skewed as ever.  'The-have-nots' keep multiplying whilst 'the-haves' grow steadily.  This is one of the major drivers of inequality in wealth distribution.

Coupled by climate change, inequality in turn creates tension.  Resulting conflicts like Renamo-Frelimo stand-off in Moçambique though seen from a political (tribal or religious) perspective are stemming from inequality of wealth distribution.

Alphónso Dhlakama who has spent much of his adult life ensconced in army barracks fighting an unending conflict that he started against Samora Moises Machel is fighting for nothing less than a good share of Moçambique's wealth.

Highly rated AMC's The Walking Dead is another example of how wealth inequality drives people towards extinction.  In the just ended 6th season, more people are dying from human conflict than from attacks by walkers.  It's all a fight for resources and dominance now.

Humans have an insatiable appetite for wealth that renders reason defunct.  In times of crises and lack, humans quickly press the self-destruct button.

It's in areas where poverty levels are high where crime rates (domestic violence, robberies, public nuisance, sexual assault, etc), alcohol & substance abuse are usually highest. 

Just like in #TheWalkingDead, its a survival of the fittest story.  Community spirit dies as man's carnal nature takes over.
World revolutionaries (Hitler, Mao Tse Tung) were banking on people's carnal nature like anger & pettiness (readiness to kill or die for so little).

"A hungry man is an angry man"

Speaking of hunger and taking advantage of the people, Africa finds herself at the crossroads again.
China is knocking on our doors looking like the knight in shining armor promising to rescue us from the relentless IMF and 'strings-attached' aid from the West.

Unfortunately, Africa has accepted her role as the helpless damsel in distress waiting for her heroe.

"Africa must look neither east nor west, Africa must face forward."

Our motherland continues to struggle even when potential is evident.  We choose to live like people in #TheWalkingDead killing each other whilst hoping that a saviour will come who will restore order.

Our leaders many of whom are clueless of what they are doing, enjoy pitting us citizens against each other (Lacoste vs G40) whilst they milk the little resources we have to the last drop.

Chartered planes, private jets, offshore properties & Swiss bank accounts are common features amongst African leaders yet the continent is increasingly becoming donor dependant.

We gotta do something.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

#ThisFlag | Rebounding Rand | Tips for Lacoste & G40

We are glad to bounce back at a time when events in Zimbabwe are getting juicier.

There is an impeachment plot by Honourable James Maridadi on the President.
Noble idea honourable.  It may not produce desired results but it will certainly mean something.
...sadly President Tsvangirai's ill health poses a threat to his quest to 'liberate' the people.

Now to the main points,
Here's how G40 & Lacoste can decimate each other quickly so that we can move on.
1.  ZACC
The anti-corruption blitz when effectively carried out, will leave no G40 member standing.  Lacoste would be another inch ahead.
2.  ZHRC
Human Rights Commission is another weapon that will endear Lacoste with the West whilst punishing all G40-linked human rights abusers.
3.  Land audit
This is G40s counter.  The young turks don't have as many farms as Lacoste bigwigs.  An audit exposes the house of Lacoste as corrupt a fact that can be used to portray the factional nature of ZACC.
4.  Parcel out stands & market stalls to rural Youth
It's already a G40 plan to give stands to urbanites so as to neutralize the MDC.  It doesn't work: Urbanites will always reject ZANU PF.
Instead, G40 do some youth empowerment in rural areas.  The rural youth will abandon the Lacoste chefs (who need them for campaigning).
5.  Alliances with the opposition
Like it or not, politics in Zimbabwe is now a coalition game.  The faction that can lure People First, MDC and or both into their bed, will be crowned VICTORS.

Back to the cash shortages ...word on the street is that the SA Rand or ZAR has rebounded in Zimbabwe.  Whilst its free fall continues on the money markets, the informal forex dealer who decides currency rates here pegged it at US$1: R7.  That means informal economy which is now the mainstream prefers a depreciating Rand over the coming Bond Notes.

Raise your flag. The professor in trying to hijack our flag protest movement, but we reminded him that #ThisFlag is #OurFlag.  We still own it and we aren't deterred.  No amount of character assassination can make us lose focus.  We remain standing in solidarity with Lynette, Dirk, Patson & Lumumba who Occupy Africa Unity Square in protest against injustice, Dzamara's abduction and total government failure.

To those 'in power' we say (in Luveve Boys tone), "You used to run it. Manje so wapera."

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