Saturday, 9 April 2016

Unpredictable weather | Zuma impeachment | War vets' demands

The nation grapples with a chilly weather that has come unexpectedly.  Wet and cold weather has characterised much of April 2016 in Zimbabwe.

These are sure signs of the unpredictable weather we are bound to experience in the years to come.  Some of the environmental damage is already done and we can't undo it but we can control further damage.

This is a call on all of us to make these 3 bold steps as individuals or communities towards the environment:
1.  Always opt for natural products over synthetics
2.  Always advocate for GREEN. If you aren't planting, make noise when the tree cutter comes.
3.  Avoid consumerism.  It feels good to have so many gadgets and accessories around us (some of them duplicating their functions) but they will soon have to be disposed and they form a heap of non-biodegradables at waste dump sites.

From the practicalities of mitigating climate change to the impractical demands by war veterans.

Several preferential demands were made including 20% of prime land, 30% of mining claims, appointments to boards and operations at state institutions, among others.

If 10,000 (less than 0.8%) of the people want 20%, what about the rest?  Aren't they perpetuating the system of minorities that existed under Ian Smith where some were more equal than others?
If we start segmenting the nation then we are creating a system of classes (and consequently class struggles) that Tongogara fought against.
We will have Youth, Women, The elderly, the disabled, the proffessionals, the unemployed, students, prophets, e.t.c. demanding prefferential treatment.

What the war vets should be demanding is a policies that allow for FDI inflows and a sincere fight against corruption.

Speaking of corruption, Mbeki has been exonerated.  Now South Africa can blame their woes on Zuma.  He is a typical African leader: incompetent, remorselessly corrupt, greedy, cultic surviving on cronyism.

An African nation led by a typical African leader will go through the typical stages of currency devaluation, nonsensical constitutional ammendments, censorship of the opposition and eventually economic collapse.

I fear for the worst for South Africa.  They are people used to easy life.  When things go south, their panic will trigger Southern Africa's deepest immigration crisis.
Who will take them in?

When all is said and done you can listen to 'Stolen Diamonds' and comment to

For the good of the Republic!

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