Tuesday, 19 April 2016

#my1000 | my faction | retrospective prophecies

Spiritual spectacles?  Retrospective prophecies?  Pictures from heaven?  People have taken prophecy and spiritual matters to a whole new level.  A victim of the 'spiritual spectacles' prophet reportedly claims that she now sees invisible people (many of them naked) in her visions.
I'm sure there is a psychological explanation to that.  Could be helpful to check her mental record before we rush to conclusions.
Super prophet Makandiwa went on to claim he foretold Solomon Mujuru's death.  He also claims he foresaw Joice Mujuru's ouster from ZANU PF.
I could also say I foresaw Zimbabwe's return to economic slowdown back as way back as 31st July 2013.  I can also claim that I foretold of more company closures due to indigenization way back in 2012.

In other words, we can all claim to be prophets if analysis and speculation is prophecy.  Stock brokers, political analysts are therefore prophets.

As for pictures from heaven ...please let's be serious.

#my1000 or #myThaza
Here we are: a nation that prides itself in 'safeguarding' our natural resources,
Here we are: a nation very vigilant (enough to thwart western machinations),
Here we are: a nation with revolutionary and iconic leadership full of wisdom,
yet $15 billion worth of diamonds disappeared without a trace (or someone new but won't tell.)

Bet you that the new policy in our society is "don't steal n tell".  Probably a lot of our senior civil servants helped themselves to part of those moneys but they will never confess.

But why is there no commission of inquiry?  When Zuma took a few million rands to upgrade his rural home, the Public Protector got busy.  Why aren't the police (or even JOC) ceased with the matter?
What if the money is kept somewhere to be used to fund terrorist activities?  Maybe it's part of what's funding ISIS or Renamo.

Gosh! We have such a careless leadership.

If that $15bn was to be divided amongst us Zimbabweans, each of us would get $1000 (thaza) or more.  In other words each of us lost $1000 to thieves.  So many people are currently sinking in debt.  That $1000 would have solved so many problems for each of us.

"#my1000 would have cleared my school fees arrears"
"#my1000 would have paid up for my mother's hospital fees for a surgical operation"
"#my1000 would have been the capital for my piggery project"

With that thaza, most Zimbabweans lives would have improved significantly. Importantly, more people would have the buying power meaning corporates would be recording brisk business.

I want #my1000!

From thousands to factions.  Our politics is all factions and egos flying around.  I identify with a certain faction.  Let's call it #myfaction.

Here are the clues;
a)  they don't focus on denigrating opponents with "pasi nanhingi",
b)  they don't waste time thinking in retrospect at every instance,
c)  they aren't tainted with past lives of greed, corruption, power grabs, abuse of office, etc
d)  they don't start to see the bad in former associated after they have disassociated,
e)  they don't hide behind lies, conspiracies and backstabbing to effect internal change in organizations,
f)  they don't pretend to be intellectually gifted by presenting sophisticated solutions to problems when everyone can see simpler ways,
g)  they aren't tribal, not racist, not sexist, don't discriminate, not judgmentental, tolerant and inclusive.

#myfaction doesn't exist but it's a possibility.
#myfaction starts with you and me.
#myfaction is a people honest and dedicated taking power and control over their destiny.
#myfaction is a people not obsessed with power & privileges but with delivery and keeping promises made.

I hope we all come out and be the faction we want to see.

For the good of the Republic!

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