Monday, 25 April 2016

HOSEzw | Age of consent | Lumumba video clip

After the April Fool's Day debacle that saw Sekuru having to clean up Muzukuru's mess, Muzukuru waSekuru has made the news again.

Although he boasts of several degrees, the dreadlocked minister who looks nothing more than a zim dancehall chanter has had a fall out with one Lumumba.
Details remain sketchy of whatever taskforce the two were setting up but apparently Muzukuru waSekuru fired the Lumumba guy for 'conflict of interest' among numerous other accusations.

Lumumba didn't take this lying down.  The former radio presenter launched a tirade in a video that's circulating.  He alleges that Muzukuru waSekuru was setting up a youth group to extort money from companies under the guise of indigenisation.

This organisation is shady.  The appointments are shady.  The accusations & counter-accusations call for an investigation into that ministry.
Was due process followed?  Muzukuru waSekuru has made too many blunders in a short space of time.  Is he fit for the job?
He's youthful but is he competent?

The age of consent? 
BACKGROUND: After the ruling that it's illegal to marry girls below 18, we celebrated.  However, the age of consent (age where it's legal for girls to sleep with a man) is 16.

There is a 2 year gap from 16 to 18 years where a girl can not marry but is allowed to have (pre-marital) sex.  Our laws are somewhat skewed here.  With the prevalence of HIV in our region, it's wiser to expedite a review of the 2 laws.  This could also lead to an implosion of single teen mums.

Men & boys aware of this loop hole will engage in unprotected sex with the young girls knowing that even if she falls pregnant, he's not obliged to marry her.

So the law isn't doing any good to our young girls.  It's left them even more vulnerable to abuse & manipulation.

Now to that Michael Jackson 'wannabe'.

Rest in peace Prince.  We at HOSEzw recognize your great talent and immense contribution to the entertainment industry.

Speaking of talent, although Zimbabwe has an abundance of writers & actors, there is still a big hole for movies & feature films.  We commend satirical clips by Zambezi News, P O Box & Bus Stop and we feel with more funding, the short clips will evolve into real movies.

For the good of the Republic!

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