Monday, 7 March 2016

Zimbabwe Diamonds | Donald Trump | International Women's Day

A lot has happened since the last post and we are sorry to all of you for the long period of silence.
It's all because like the whole factionalism threatening to rip ZanuPF apart, we had some issues to deal with.
Thankfully, our issues were solved and we can now safely say we are happy and satisfied.
What's heart rendering however is the new revelation (or confirmation) that Zimbabwe's diamonds worth over $15billion have been looted.
Even more infuriating is that the Old Dude calmly made the revelations showing no shame or intention to right the wrong.
No arrests have been made, no Commission of Inquiry or investigation on the cards.  It's now just the 'nationalisation of all diamonds' doing the talk.
Somehow there seems to suggestions that government is complicit in the shameless plunder.
What now for Zimbabwe?
The very companies they trusted shortchanged them. The very companies they lay in bed, with have betrayed them. (Use of them means WE the Zimbabweans were not part of the deals).
The companies are now suing government refusing to leave on the basis that their leases never stipulated a time limit (more like blank cheques)
What was government (ZanuPF) getting from such shoddy deals?
As we scratch our heads regarding politics, Donald Trump is emerging as a dark horse for the Republicans.  Tough talking and not always seeking to be politically correct, the billionaire has swung the votes in his favor with his controversies.
#SuperTuesday it was for Don Trump and so it was for Zimbabwe at Meikle's Hotel.  Dr Amai Cde Joice Mujuru was giving her maiden press briefing.
Dr Mujuru is no Trump but just like him, she still has a lot to do in order to gain the people's trust.  It's not clear if she can be the unifier that Zimbabwe is looking for just as Don Trump is too radically Republican to gain the Democrats trust.
International Women's Day is a great day in light of our adoption of inclusivity as part of our ethos.  We are not gender sensitive just to appeal to women (women are the best customers ever) but because we now firmly believe in the empowerment of women not in their isolation but recognising that they have different needs.
We therefore call upon all corporates to bring women empowerment to the table and start working on gender sensitive policies for all of us.
For the good of the Republic!

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