Tuesday, 2 February 2016

African Union | Satanist songs | Team Lacoste

Last week the Zimbabwean nation was treated to some top drawer drama featuring Cde George Charamba (the president's spokesperson) as he lashed out at what he called successionists.

We who aren't in the know were captivated and excited until we finally said 'hold up'.  If Charamba is serious about successionists, why go to the radio?
Why didn't he just confront them in their offices?
They are from the same party and in the same government right?
What's the real reason these he took it to public radio when he could have scheduled a meeting with these people?

What prompted him to speak considering he's a mere civil servant who is supposed to be neutral when it comes to politics?
Could he have taken to radio out of fear the successionists are onto him?
Was it a preemptive strike or a reaction?

Either way, you and me are powerless in this.  We determine no decision in politburo or government.  This show will not benefit us.  Whether Team Lacoste or G40, our lives go on uimproved.

So to Cde Charamba and the successionists: please go play somewhere else.  We are busy!

2015 Festive Season was characterized by problems (men resorted to home brewed beer) and a song that ironically had a line "problems disappear".

Now we hear some fake prophet and his congregation of fools argue the song by Winky D is satanic and they have labelled him an illuminati. Hogwash!
Words can mean anything depending on context.  Yes abracadabra is a "magic" word but only in the context of musicians.  And you who are quick to endorse this 'prophetic' nonsense ...(let me not say).

Lastly to the African Union where the continent's leaders meet for a barbacue then return home.
It was the same old resolutions, same old speeches, same old applause ...nothing more.
Why dont we have a African court to try foolish leaders like Burundi's president?
Why doesn't the much hyped standby force take action in war torn countries?
Why do the leaders spend much of the summit blaming and denigrating the very people who prop up the AU?
Will Africa ever learn?
Why hasn't Africa rapped many of her mistake prone leaders?  Instead, it glorifies the long serving good for nothing dictators.

We've asked.  We've suggested.  We've speculated.  It's now time for action.

For the good of the Republic!

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