Tuesday, 12 January 2016

2016 | Questions no answers | More #anarchy

Greetings in 2016.

First time since last year to put pen to paper (or thumb to keyboard).  Indeed it was a fruitful break spiced with an adventurous vacation (there was no mountain climbing though).  In summary, we are so glad to be back at work, back to serious business and ultimately back to you....(kkkkk).

2016 just like any other year will be characterized by ups and downs and we are prepared for that.  We understand business and any endeavor or project faces obstacles and challenges that have to be overcome.

The question therefore isn't, 'Will we meet challenges this year?'  The question for any tactician in Zimbabwe right now should be, 'Are we prepared enough for what's coming?'

I'm not being pessimistic, I'm being realistic.  No problem disappears on its own, it has to be solved.  We can't afford to wish problems away, we can plan a way to solve them.  So whether you like it or not, 2016 will be asking you questions (in business, family, school or spirituality).  It's those that are better prepared that will fare better.

We will be trying to answer questions this year.  Over the last years, we have been all questions until now we realize that even you are looking for answers.  The difference is that some of you are looking for quick answers.  You are trying rush through the jigsaw puzzle hoping everything will b fine when you finish but...  There's no shortcut to life.  Whatever quick answer we get, it will leave gaps that we will be forced to come back and fill at some point in our lives.

Here's the trick ~~~> ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: Get the right answers.

Finally to the political circus that never seems to end.  Out goes one clown, in comes another.  We are fed up but what can we do?  Watch TV?  Sing 'maproblems disappear'?  Confront the government?  Form coalitions and alliances then wait for 2018?  There doesn't seem to be an immediate answer to the unending game.

SUGGESTION: Depolitisize our communities.  Lets work to create business, social, church communities that exist not at the mercy of politicians but that make politicians look stupid (a good number of them are stupid in way).

We could do better if we wrestle our businesses, our neighborhoods, our churches, our education, our health delivery, our transport system, our music and entertainment (sadly ZIFA is now an arm of ZANU PF) from these politicians.

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