Thursday, 20 October 2016

CyberCrimes Bill: Too many wrongs to ignore

The draft cyber crimes bill if enacted will give lot of room for law enforcement agents to harass the citizenry.  It’s another addition to their arsenal in these already dark times.  In its current state, the cyber space will be like First Street in a riot situation.  GOV is taking their anti-people brutality online and this piece of legislation (albeit plagiarized) is legalizing the beginning of ICT's Dark Ages in Zimbabwe.  

The bill is targeted at the people whilst seeking to protect the establishment from scrutiny. It’s nothing for the people, all for the regime. This is why it’s silent on important issues (for any modern civilisation) including sexism and gender-based hate language, it does not recognize the admissibility of evidence against authorities e.g. police brutality or corruption at roadblocks.  Interestingly, like any ZANU PF bill, it’s riddled with oversights leaving it open to abuse by the authorities.   

Here are several sections of the bill that will most likely be abused by our seemingly overzealous (and easily given to brutality) law enforcement agents.

Search and seizure
Section 29: (2) If a police officer that is undertaking a search based on Section 28(1) has grounds to believe that the data sought is stored in another computer system or part of it in its territory, and such data is lawfully accessible from or available to the initial system, he shall be able to expeditiously extend the search or similar accessing to the other system.

The bill bases the actions of the investigating officer on belief rather than evidence.  In this case, emotion, instinct, or intuition takes precedence over fact.  It will not be a surprise if Magaya or Makandiwa’s prophecies become basis for officers to extend their accessing to other systems (including your girlfriend’s phone, your mother’s WhatsApp groups). This gives them unfettered permission to harass anyone close to you.

Section 30: (1) Any person, who is not a suspect of a crime or otherwise excluded from an obligation to follow such order, but who has knowledge about the functioning of the computer system or measures applied to protect the computer data therein that is the subject of a search under section 28 must permit, and assist if reasonably required and requested by the person authorized to make the search by:

Whether its Desperation or outright insanity, we will determine with time. This clause suggests the regime has no experts with capacity to execute the heinous tasks.  Recruitment in the security sector over the years has been focused on thanking ZANU PF youthies for protecting the regime rather than intellectual capacity. That means ‘innocent’ geeks out there are now a target. Not the best time to be a computer whiz in Zim or is it?

Production and order
Section 31: If magistrate is satisfied on the basis of an application by a law enforcement officer or police officer that specified computer data, or a printout or other information, is reasonably required for the purpose of a criminal investigation or criminal proceedings, the magistrate may order that:
(a)        a person in the territory of Zimbabwe in control of a computer system produce from the system specified computer data or a printout or other intelligible output of that data;  or
(b)        an Internet service provider in Zimbabwe to produce information about persons who subscribe to or otherwise use the service.

ISPs will become unwilling snitches. When the judiciary which is under heavy pressure to protect the interests of the executive finally gives in, we are likely to see permissions granted willy-nilly. Millions of warrants will be issued and GOV will (with an evil grin) keep a tab on every citizen who thinks right.  What will happen to the rate of abductions?

Partial disclosure of traffic data
Section 33: If a police officer is satisfied computer data is reasonably required for the purposes of a criminal investigation, the law enforcement or police officer may, by written notice given to a person in control of the computer system, require the person to disclose relevant traffic data about a specified communications to identify:
(a)        the Internet service providers; and/or
(b)        the path through which a communication was transmitted

Police officers are given too much power and given the brutal way they react to public protests, target institutions will be harassed left, right and centre.  This clause will allow the beleaguered regime to infiltrate and/or blackmail individuals, CSOs and companies. Where is the citizen protected in all this?

No monitoring obligations
Section 37 (1) An Internet service provider shall, subject to the provisions of any other written law, have no general obligation to monitor the data which it transmits or stores; or actively seek facts or circumstances indicating an unlawful activity.

Instead of disallowing ISPs from monitoring citizens’ private communications, the clause gives them the option to choose to do it when they want. It’s a bill that infringes on our rights to privacy.  The section further allows The Minister to prescribe procedures for service providers to report alleged illegal activities by recipients of their service. This will break the little trust that had existed between citizens and service providers.  We will no longer trust them especially with their bonus minutes, free SMS, mega bundles and promotions.
We implore this session of parliament to do the first honourable thing since the start of their mandate in 2013: reject the cybercrime bill.

For the good of the Republic!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How social media has become a sustainable alternative

From harmless twitter hashtags to Social movements that have shaken the foundations of the establishment.

Not withstanding that twitter users in Zimbabwe are a paltry figure, it looked like delusions if one imagined a hashtag shaking a 36yo dictatorship.

Here's how

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

#TheShutdown | #ThisFlag | #Tajamuka

Zimbabwe is at the crossroads.  On 6 July citizens have mobilised for a mass stay away, a shutdown of the country already on it's knees.

The shutdown poster doing rounds on social medal
This is the first time in years that Zimbabwean people have mass mobilized for political change in their own country.  For a long time, protests have been organised and staged by either civic organisations or the main opposition party, MDC of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Title of running series on Ananrchy in Zimbabwe
The protests which are mainly sporadic and uncoordinated have become more intense as civillians gain confidence and more violent as government keeps ignoring the people's cry.  Without a leader to lead the masses, the people are doing what's within their power to make their voices heard.  This comes at a time when civil servants are joining the national action, crippling health, education and other government departments.

One man protest over the missing $15billion worth of diamonds at parliament building.
The protests are about a ban on food imports in a nation that suffered a drought, high unemployment, corruption especially at roadblocks by the police, and general frustration at the slow pace of progress and development in a nation where there's more than 15 universities.

Protests being met with police brutality
The protests have so far been met with cruelty, harshness and wanton brutality by the government through the police force.  Activists and innocent people have been severely brutalised, arrested and apprehended by the law enforcement agents much to the dismay of the public.

Meanwhile, the president who claims he can't retire because the people love him so much, remains mum on the issue.

Monday, 13 June 2016

#TheWalkingDead | Chinese colonisation | Renamo

The world's population continues to grow and the population distribution remains as skewed as ever.  'The-have-nots' keep multiplying whilst 'the-haves' grow steadily.  This is one of the major drivers of inequality in wealth distribution.

Coupled by climate change, inequality in turn creates tension.  Resulting conflicts like Renamo-Frelimo stand-off in Moçambique though seen from a political (tribal or religious) perspective are stemming from inequality of wealth distribution.

Alphónso Dhlakama who has spent much of his adult life ensconced in army barracks fighting an unending conflict that he started against Samora Moises Machel is fighting for nothing less than a good share of Moçambique's wealth.

Highly rated AMC's The Walking Dead is another example of how wealth inequality drives people towards extinction.  In the just ended 6th season, more people are dying from human conflict than from attacks by walkers.  It's all a fight for resources and dominance now.

Humans have an insatiable appetite for wealth that renders reason defunct.  In times of crises and lack, humans quickly press the self-destruct button.

It's in areas where poverty levels are high where crime rates (domestic violence, robberies, public nuisance, sexual assault, etc), alcohol & substance abuse are usually highest. 

Just like in #TheWalkingDead, its a survival of the fittest story.  Community spirit dies as man's carnal nature takes over.
World revolutionaries (Hitler, Mao Tse Tung) were banking on people's carnal nature like anger & pettiness (readiness to kill or die for so little).

"A hungry man is an angry man"

Speaking of hunger and taking advantage of the people, Africa finds herself at the crossroads again.
China is knocking on our doors looking like the knight in shining armor promising to rescue us from the relentless IMF and 'strings-attached' aid from the West.

Unfortunately, Africa has accepted her role as the helpless damsel in distress waiting for her heroe.

"Africa must look neither east nor west, Africa must face forward."

Our motherland continues to struggle even when potential is evident.  We choose to live like people in #TheWalkingDead killing each other whilst hoping that a saviour will come who will restore order.

Our leaders many of whom are clueless of what they are doing, enjoy pitting us citizens against each other (Lacoste vs G40) whilst they milk the little resources we have to the last drop.

Chartered planes, private jets, offshore properties & Swiss bank accounts are common features amongst African leaders yet the continent is increasingly becoming donor dependant.

We gotta do something.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

#ThisFlag | Rebounding Rand | Tips for Lacoste & G40

We are glad to bounce back at a time when events in Zimbabwe are getting juicier.

There is an impeachment plot by Honourable James Maridadi on the President.
Noble idea honourable.  It may not produce desired results but it will certainly mean something.
...sadly President Tsvangirai's ill health poses a threat to his quest to 'liberate' the people.

Now to the main points,
Here's how G40 & Lacoste can decimate each other quickly so that we can move on.
1.  ZACC
The anti-corruption blitz when effectively carried out, will leave no G40 member standing.  Lacoste would be another inch ahead.
2.  ZHRC
Human Rights Commission is another weapon that will endear Lacoste with the West whilst punishing all G40-linked human rights abusers.
3.  Land audit
This is G40s counter.  The young turks don't have as many farms as Lacoste bigwigs.  An audit exposes the house of Lacoste as corrupt a fact that can be used to portray the factional nature of ZACC.
4.  Parcel out stands & market stalls to rural Youth
It's already a G40 plan to give stands to urbanites so as to neutralize the MDC.  It doesn't work: Urbanites will always reject ZANU PF.
Instead, G40 do some youth empowerment in rural areas.  The rural youth will abandon the Lacoste chefs (who need them for campaigning).
5.  Alliances with the opposition
Like it or not, politics in Zimbabwe is now a coalition game.  The faction that can lure People First, MDC and or both into their bed, will be crowned VICTORS.

Back to the cash shortages ...word on the street is that the SA Rand or ZAR has rebounded in Zimbabwe.  Whilst its free fall continues on the money markets, the informal forex dealer who decides currency rates here pegged it at US$1: R7.  That means informal economy which is now the mainstream prefers a depreciating Rand over the coming Bond Notes.

Raise your flag. The professor in trying to hijack our flag protest movement, but we reminded him that #ThisFlag is #OurFlag.  We still own it and we aren't deterred.  No amount of character assassination can make us lose focus.  We remain standing in solidarity with Lynette, Dirk, Patson & Lumumba who Occupy Africa Unity Square in protest against injustice, Dzamara's abduction and total government failure.

To those 'in power' we say (in Luveve Boys tone), "You used to run it. Manje so wapera."

Monday, 25 April 2016

HOSEzw | Age of consent | Lumumba video clip

After the April Fool's Day debacle that saw Sekuru having to clean up Muzukuru's mess, Muzukuru waSekuru has made the news again.

Although he boasts of several degrees, the dreadlocked minister who looks nothing more than a zim dancehall chanter has had a fall out with one Lumumba.
Details remain sketchy of whatever taskforce the two were setting up but apparently Muzukuru waSekuru fired the Lumumba guy for 'conflict of interest' among numerous other accusations.

Lumumba didn't take this lying down.  The former radio presenter launched a tirade in a video that's circulating.  He alleges that Muzukuru waSekuru was setting up a youth group to extort money from companies under the guise of indigenisation.

This organisation is shady.  The appointments are shady.  The accusations & counter-accusations call for an investigation into that ministry.
Was due process followed?  Muzukuru waSekuru has made too many blunders in a short space of time.  Is he fit for the job?
He's youthful but is he competent?

The age of consent? 
BACKGROUND: After the ruling that it's illegal to marry girls below 18, we celebrated.  However, the age of consent (age where it's legal for girls to sleep with a man) is 16.

There is a 2 year gap from 16 to 18 years where a girl can not marry but is allowed to have (pre-marital) sex.  Our laws are somewhat skewed here.  With the prevalence of HIV in our region, it's wiser to expedite a review of the 2 laws.  This could also lead to an implosion of single teen mums.

Men & boys aware of this loop hole will engage in unprotected sex with the young girls knowing that even if she falls pregnant, he's not obliged to marry her.

So the law isn't doing any good to our young girls.  It's left them even more vulnerable to abuse & manipulation.

Now to that Michael Jackson 'wannabe'.

Rest in peace Prince.  We at HOSEzw recognize your great talent and immense contribution to the entertainment industry.

Speaking of talent, although Zimbabwe has an abundance of writers & actors, there is still a big hole for movies & feature films.  We commend satirical clips by Zambezi News, P O Box & Bus Stop and we feel with more funding, the short clips will evolve into real movies.

For the good of the Republic!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

#my1000 | my faction | retrospective prophecies

Spiritual spectacles?  Retrospective prophecies?  Pictures from heaven?  People have taken prophecy and spiritual matters to a whole new level.  A victim of the 'spiritual spectacles' prophet reportedly claims that she now sees invisible people (many of them naked) in her visions.
I'm sure there is a psychological explanation to that.  Could be helpful to check her mental record before we rush to conclusions.
Super prophet Makandiwa went on to claim he foretold Solomon Mujuru's death.  He also claims he foresaw Joice Mujuru's ouster from ZANU PF.
I could also say I foresaw Zimbabwe's return to economic slowdown back as way back as 31st July 2013.  I can also claim that I foretold of more company closures due to indigenization way back in 2012.

In other words, we can all claim to be prophets if analysis and speculation is prophecy.  Stock brokers, political analysts are therefore prophets.

As for pictures from heaven ...please let's be serious.

#my1000 or #myThaza
Here we are: a nation that prides itself in 'safeguarding' our natural resources,
Here we are: a nation very vigilant (enough to thwart western machinations),
Here we are: a nation with revolutionary and iconic leadership full of wisdom,
yet $15 billion worth of diamonds disappeared without a trace (or someone new but won't tell.)

Bet you that the new policy in our society is "don't steal n tell".  Probably a lot of our senior civil servants helped themselves to part of those moneys but they will never confess.

But why is there no commission of inquiry?  When Zuma took a few million rands to upgrade his rural home, the Public Protector got busy.  Why aren't the police (or even JOC) ceased with the matter?
What if the money is kept somewhere to be used to fund terrorist activities?  Maybe it's part of what's funding ISIS or Renamo.

Gosh! We have such a careless leadership.

If that $15bn was to be divided amongst us Zimbabweans, each of us would get $1000 (thaza) or more.  In other words each of us lost $1000 to thieves.  So many people are currently sinking in debt.  That $1000 would have solved so many problems for each of us.

"#my1000 would have cleared my school fees arrears"
"#my1000 would have paid up for my mother's hospital fees for a surgical operation"
"#my1000 would have been the capital for my piggery project"

With that thaza, most Zimbabweans lives would have improved significantly. Importantly, more people would have the buying power meaning corporates would be recording brisk business.

I want #my1000!

From thousands to factions.  Our politics is all factions and egos flying around.  I identify with a certain faction.  Let's call it #myfaction.

Here are the clues;
a)  they don't focus on denigrating opponents with "pasi nanhingi",
b)  they don't waste time thinking in retrospect at every instance,
c)  they aren't tainted with past lives of greed, corruption, power grabs, abuse of office, etc
d)  they don't start to see the bad in former associated after they have disassociated,
e)  they don't hide behind lies, conspiracies and backstabbing to effect internal change in organizations,
f)  they don't pretend to be intellectually gifted by presenting sophisticated solutions to problems when everyone can see simpler ways,
g)  they aren't tribal, not racist, not sexist, don't discriminate, not judgmentental, tolerant and inclusive.

#myfaction doesn't exist but it's a possibility.
#myfaction starts with you and me.
#myfaction is a people honest and dedicated taking power and control over their destiny.
#myfaction is a people not obsessed with power & privileges but with delivery and keeping promises made.

I hope we all come out and be the faction we want to see.

For the good of the Republic!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Unpredictable weather | Zuma impeachment | War vets' demands

The nation grapples with a chilly weather that has come unexpectedly.  Wet and cold weather has characterised much of April 2016 in Zimbabwe.

These are sure signs of the unpredictable weather we are bound to experience in the years to come.  Some of the environmental damage is already done and we can't undo it but we can control further damage.

This is a call on all of us to make these 3 bold steps as individuals or communities towards the environment:
1.  Always opt for natural products over synthetics
2.  Always advocate for GREEN. If you aren't planting, make noise when the tree cutter comes.
3.  Avoid consumerism.  It feels good to have so many gadgets and accessories around us (some of them duplicating their functions) but they will soon have to be disposed and they form a heap of non-biodegradables at waste dump sites.

From the practicalities of mitigating climate change to the impractical demands by war veterans.

Several preferential demands were made including 20% of prime land, 30% of mining claims, appointments to boards and operations at state institutions, among others.

If 10,000 (less than 0.8%) of the people want 20%, what about the rest?  Aren't they perpetuating the system of minorities that existed under Ian Smith where some were more equal than others?
If we start segmenting the nation then we are creating a system of classes (and consequently class struggles) that Tongogara fought against.
We will have Youth, Women, The elderly, the disabled, the proffessionals, the unemployed, students, prophets, e.t.c. demanding prefferential treatment.

What the war vets should be demanding is a policies that allow for FDI inflows and a sincere fight against corruption.

Speaking of corruption, Mbeki has been exonerated.  Now South Africa can blame their woes on Zuma.  He is a typical African leader: incompetent, remorselessly corrupt, greedy, cultic surviving on cronyism.

An African nation led by a typical African leader will go through the typical stages of currency devaluation, nonsensical constitutional ammendments, censorship of the opposition and eventually economic collapse.

I fear for the worst for South Africa.  They are people used to easy life.  When things go south, their panic will trigger Southern Africa's deepest immigration crisis.
Who will take them in?

When all is said and done you can listen to 'Stolen Diamonds' and comment to

For the good of the Republic!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Zimbabwe Diamonds | Donald Trump | International Women's Day

A lot has happened since the last post and we are sorry to all of you for the long period of silence.
It's all because like the whole factionalism threatening to rip ZanuPF apart, we had some issues to deal with.
Thankfully, our issues were solved and we can now safely say we are happy and satisfied.
What's heart rendering however is the new revelation (or confirmation) that Zimbabwe's diamonds worth over $15billion have been looted.
Even more infuriating is that the Old Dude calmly made the revelations showing no shame or intention to right the wrong.
No arrests have been made, no Commission of Inquiry or investigation on the cards.  It's now just the 'nationalisation of all diamonds' doing the talk.
Somehow there seems to suggestions that government is complicit in the shameless plunder.
What now for Zimbabwe?
The very companies they trusted shortchanged them. The very companies they lay in bed, with have betrayed them. (Use of them means WE the Zimbabweans were not part of the deals).
The companies are now suing government refusing to leave on the basis that their leases never stipulated a time limit (more like blank cheques)
What was government (ZanuPF) getting from such shoddy deals?
As we scratch our heads regarding politics, Donald Trump is emerging as a dark horse for the Republicans.  Tough talking and not always seeking to be politically correct, the billionaire has swung the votes in his favor with his controversies.
#SuperTuesday it was for Don Trump and so it was for Zimbabwe at Meikle's Hotel.  Dr Amai Cde Joice Mujuru was giving her maiden press briefing.
Dr Mujuru is no Trump but just like him, she still has a lot to do in order to gain the people's trust.  It's not clear if she can be the unifier that Zimbabwe is looking for just as Don Trump is too radically Republican to gain the Democrats trust.
International Women's Day is a great day in light of our adoption of inclusivity as part of our ethos.  We are not gender sensitive just to appeal to women (women are the best customers ever) but because we now firmly believe in the empowerment of women not in their isolation but recognising that they have different needs.
We therefore call upon all corporates to bring women empowerment to the table and start working on gender sensitive policies for all of us.
For the good of the Republic!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

African Union | Satanist songs | Team Lacoste

Last week the Zimbabwean nation was treated to some top drawer drama featuring Cde George Charamba (the president's spokesperson) as he lashed out at what he called successionists.

We who aren't in the know were captivated and excited until we finally said 'hold up'.  If Charamba is serious about successionists, why go to the radio?
Why didn't he just confront them in their offices?
They are from the same party and in the same government right?
What's the real reason these he took it to public radio when he could have scheduled a meeting with these people?

What prompted him to speak considering he's a mere civil servant who is supposed to be neutral when it comes to politics?
Could he have taken to radio out of fear the successionists are onto him?
Was it a preemptive strike or a reaction?

Either way, you and me are powerless in this.  We determine no decision in politburo or government.  This show will not benefit us.  Whether Team Lacoste or G40, our lives go on uimproved.

So to Cde Charamba and the successionists: please go play somewhere else.  We are busy!

2015 Festive Season was characterized by problems (men resorted to home brewed beer) and a song that ironically had a line "problems disappear".

Now we hear some fake prophet and his congregation of fools argue the song by Winky D is satanic and they have labelled him an illuminati. Hogwash!
Words can mean anything depending on context.  Yes abracadabra is a "magic" word but only in the context of musicians.  And you who are quick to endorse this 'prophetic' nonsense ...(let me not say).

Lastly to the African Union where the continent's leaders meet for a barbacue then return home.
It was the same old resolutions, same old speeches, same old applause ...nothing more.
Why dont we have a African court to try foolish leaders like Burundi's president?
Why doesn't the much hyped standby force take action in war torn countries?
Why do the leaders spend much of the summit blaming and denigrating the very people who prop up the AU?
Will Africa ever learn?
Why hasn't Africa rapped many of her mistake prone leaders?  Instead, it glorifies the long serving good for nothing dictators.

We've asked.  We've suggested.  We've speculated.  It's now time for action.

For the good of the Republic!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

2016 | Questions no answers | More #anarchy

Greetings in 2016.

First time since last year to put pen to paper (or thumb to keyboard).  Indeed it was a fruitful break spiced with an adventurous vacation (there was no mountain climbing though).  In summary, we are so glad to be back at work, back to serious business and ultimately back to you....(kkkkk).

2016 just like any other year will be characterized by ups and downs and we are prepared for that.  We understand business and any endeavor or project faces obstacles and challenges that have to be overcome.

The question therefore isn't, 'Will we meet challenges this year?'  The question for any tactician in Zimbabwe right now should be, 'Are we prepared enough for what's coming?'

I'm not being pessimistic, I'm being realistic.  No problem disappears on its own, it has to be solved.  We can't afford to wish problems away, we can plan a way to solve them.  So whether you like it or not, 2016 will be asking you questions (in business, family, school or spirituality).  It's those that are better prepared that will fare better.

We will be trying to answer questions this year.  Over the last years, we have been all questions until now we realize that even you are looking for answers.  The difference is that some of you are looking for quick answers.  You are trying rush through the jigsaw puzzle hoping everything will b fine when you finish but...  There's no shortcut to life.  Whatever quick answer we get, it will leave gaps that we will be forced to come back and fill at some point in our lives.

Here's the trick ~~~> ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: Get the right answers.

Finally to the political circus that never seems to end.  Out goes one clown, in comes another.  We are fed up but what can we do?  Watch TV?  Sing 'maproblems disappear'?  Confront the government?  Form coalitions and alliances then wait for 2018?  There doesn't seem to be an immediate answer to the unending game.

SUGGESTION: Depolitisize our communities.  Lets work to create business, social, church communities that exist not at the mercy of politicians but that make politicians look stupid (a good number of them are stupid in way).

We could do better if we wrestle our businesses, our neighborhoods, our churches, our education, our health delivery, our transport system, our music and entertainment (sadly ZIFA is now an arm of ZANU PF) from these politicians.

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