Friday, 2 October 2015

Windows 10 | Diasporans worth $50billion | Powercuts

This is the first post after Shoko Festival 2015 (the festival that grabbed the headlines this year) and we congratulate the organisers.

Now to depressing news, Zambezi Water Authority hinted that water levels in Kariba dam will remain low till March 2016. 
It means we will have to endure the menacing powercuts for the next 6 months.
How much business loss in down time are we looking at?

Remember Windows 95?  Remember how Microsoft went on to dominate the next decade with cutting edge technologies?
Then came the heavily discredited Windows 8 (and a 9 that never lasted on the market) ...we thought these fools had learnt a lesson but alas...(to next paragraph)
Microsoft unleashed what we go down as this year's epic failure in the tech industry >>> Windows 10.

[Only 2 weeks after upgrading to this new OS, the machine crushes and the worst part is the user loses all files and documents in the system drive.  It's a disgrace!]

Have you heard this lad (muzukuru waSekuru) lately?  This "young man" lets excitement get the better of him.

Patrick the new minister of Youth, Indigenization ...(and whatever words can fit the portfolio) is at it again.
This year he is selling a lie (or truth yet to be proved) that Zimbabwean Diasporans are worth $50billion.
How did he come up with that figure?
If you aren't peeved yet, you also need to remember that this Muzukuru waSekuru is the same guy that was selling creation of 2million jobs in the run up to the 31 July 2013 elections.
He claims to be an economist, engineer (and anything that can make him look good) professions which rely on scientific evidence and not wild imaginations.

We enjoyed Shoko Festival 2015 but we are really angry at our government that comes up wild figures every now and then. 
We are even more concerned with the promised powercuts and finally, to Microsoft, please do something about your crap OS or we all switch to iOS.

For the good of the Republic!

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