Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Generation Had It All | Loneliness lndex | Roadshow stations

Pope Francis' Synod on Family that officially started in Rome is expected to review the meaning of family and marriage from a Christian perspective...since it's on going, we shall not dwell upon that.

Ever heard of Generation Had It All?  We ain't talking of the political amateurs (G40), we talking of a generation slightly older than that.  Generation Had It All are 60s & 70s kids who enjoyed school and life in independent Zimbabwe.

Folks of Generation Had It All went to school for free up to University.  They could afford to drop out of school and get good jobs in industry.  Food was in abundance and the 80s economy was not only stable but expanding creating opportunities for the masses. 

This Generation which enjoyed their youth in a land of milk and honey are amongst our country's abusers of alcohol.  They are the people that watched as ZANU PF fortify themselves in power.

On a weekend of severe powercuts (loadshedding), I was forced to tune my mobile device onto the available FM stations.

I regret that.

One of the so called commercial radio stations ....let me rephrase.  I felt like a nigger dude at a roadshow.  The type of music they were playing & the unprofessional (or one inexperienced) presenters made did not do any good. 

Did government give licenses to radio stations or to roadshow marketers?
Radio experience was supposed to improve but it seems we have more of the garbage we were trying to run away from.
Could this be the reason radio has lost influence in Zimbabwe?

Enough of roadshow radio stations and the spoilt generation.

Are Zimbabweans losing their sense of community?  Dont say Whatsapp groups are of any help.  Social media sites allow people to hide themselves and who they trully are.

This may work but we are human and we need real affection.  It's this real affection that seems to be lacking or people no longer know what it feels like? 

Even at church, workplaces, parties and festivals, you see a lot lonely faces...(yet these are the communities where we are supposed to be comfortable).

Is it because we have placed a price tag on love and affection that we find ourselves lonely simply because we are broke?
The economy may be in tatters but the rise in mental illnesses like depression could be more a result of the undue pressure we are putting on ourselves rather than real economic failure.

So next time you feel lonely, ask yourself, "Is it because I'm broke or I just don't know how to make and keep all-weather friends?"

Artwork by T.Shoc

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