Monday, 12 October 2015

Carnivals | Indigenization Conference | Public service commission

Heatwave! Heatwave! Read messages in WhatsApp groups sounding the alarming on an expected rise of temperatures to above normal digits.

The Met Dept gave a warning to that effect in confirmation but their statement was sharply different from what the WhatsApp messages screamed.  At least we survived.

Now to what's worth screaming over: Indiginisation Conference that will focus on ...wait for it....wait for it...."The 10-point plan."  [If you aren't laughing then you got anger issues]

The 10 point plan is the very summarized ZIMASSET that has failed to yield over the past 2 years.  Now they hold a conference on the crappy policy that (we can blame for low water levels in Kariba) has turned Zimbabweans into desperados.  Stop wasting our time. 

Instead of wasting resources on a talkshop, Muzukuru waSekuru should be doing a manpower audit in his ministry and fire the thousands of good-for-nothings that are being paid for nothing.

Speaking of which, the public service commission has turned our educationists into serfs.  The education professionals affectionately known as teachers are now even afraid to express their grievances as they used to do.  Even their union leaders have cowed into submission or they face the axe.

Government is using tactics worse than what teachers in Rhodesia went through.  Today's government relies on threatening civil servants with striking them off the payroll as ghost workers.  It's a travesty. 

This cluesless administration is infringing on workers' rights.  Shame.  What now?  Majongwe where are you?

Samba girls were in Harare over the weekend.  They were part of what was dubbed the Harare Carnival.  I have nothing against the efforts being made by tourism and hospitality minister, "Eng" Walter Mzembi.  Since I have no experience in the hospitality industry, I will only ask questions.

Is a Carnival intended to draw international or local tourists?
If events like carnivals can draw tourists, why is hospitality ministry reluctant to partner festivals like HIFA, Shoko & Intwasa to better market brand Zimbabwe?
Who benefits from the Carnival; the Brazilians who bring their Samba girls or Zimbabwe who parades members of the defense forces?

Let's get serious here.  What was the army doing there?  Zimbabwe already has a reputation of using force on civilians (which is partly why we are getting fewer tourists than we deserve) then we expect to attract tourists by parading the men & women in uniform.  Is that not shooting ourselves in the foot?

That's it for now.  Let's get back to 18hrs of loadshedding or we could start a "Fill up the dam" Campaign and have wellwishers donate towards the transportation of water from Lake Chivero to Lake Kariba.

For the good of the Republic!

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