Monday, 12 October 2015

Carnivals | Indigenization Conference | Public service commission

Heatwave! Heatwave! Read messages in WhatsApp groups sounding the alarming on an expected rise of temperatures to above normal digits.

The Met Dept gave a warning to that effect in confirmation but their statement was sharply different from what the WhatsApp messages screamed.  At least we survived.

Now to what's worth screaming over: Indiginisation Conference that will focus on ...wait for it....wait for it...."The 10-point plan."  [If you aren't laughing then you got anger issues]

The 10 point plan is the very summarized ZIMASSET that has failed to yield over the past 2 years.  Now they hold a conference on the crappy policy that (we can blame for low water levels in Kariba) has turned Zimbabweans into desperados.  Stop wasting our time. 

Instead of wasting resources on a talkshop, Muzukuru waSekuru should be doing a manpower audit in his ministry and fire the thousands of good-for-nothings that are being paid for nothing.

Speaking of which, the public service commission has turned our educationists into serfs.  The education professionals affectionately known as teachers are now even afraid to express their grievances as they used to do.  Even their union leaders have cowed into submission or they face the axe.

Government is using tactics worse than what teachers in Rhodesia went through.  Today's government relies on threatening civil servants with striking them off the payroll as ghost workers.  It's a travesty. 

This cluesless administration is infringing on workers' rights.  Shame.  What now?  Majongwe where are you?

Samba girls were in Harare over the weekend.  They were part of what was dubbed the Harare Carnival.  I have nothing against the efforts being made by tourism and hospitality minister, "Eng" Walter Mzembi.  Since I have no experience in the hospitality industry, I will only ask questions.

Is a Carnival intended to draw international or local tourists?
If events like carnivals can draw tourists, why is hospitality ministry reluctant to partner festivals like HIFA, Shoko & Intwasa to better market brand Zimbabwe?
Who benefits from the Carnival; the Brazilians who bring their Samba girls or Zimbabwe who parades members of the defense forces?

Let's get serious here.  What was the army doing there?  Zimbabwe already has a reputation of using force on civilians (which is partly why we are getting fewer tourists than we deserve) then we expect to attract tourists by parading the men & women in uniform.  Is that not shooting ourselves in the foot?

That's it for now.  Let's get back to 18hrs of loadshedding or we could start a "Fill up the dam" Campaign and have wellwishers donate towards the transportation of water from Lake Chivero to Lake Kariba.

For the good of the Republic!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Generation Had It All | Loneliness lndex | Roadshow stations

Pope Francis' Synod on Family that officially started in Rome is expected to review the meaning of family and marriage from a Christian perspective...since it's on going, we shall not dwell upon that.

Ever heard of Generation Had It All?  We ain't talking of the political amateurs (G40), we talking of a generation slightly older than that.  Generation Had It All are 60s & 70s kids who enjoyed school and life in independent Zimbabwe.

Folks of Generation Had It All went to school for free up to University.  They could afford to drop out of school and get good jobs in industry.  Food was in abundance and the 80s economy was not only stable but expanding creating opportunities for the masses. 

This Generation which enjoyed their youth in a land of milk and honey are amongst our country's abusers of alcohol.  They are the people that watched as ZANU PF fortify themselves in power.

On a weekend of severe powercuts (loadshedding), I was forced to tune my mobile device onto the available FM stations.

I regret that.

One of the so called commercial radio stations ....let me rephrase.  I felt like a nigger dude at a roadshow.  The type of music they were playing & the unprofessional (or one inexperienced) presenters made did not do any good. 

Did government give licenses to radio stations or to roadshow marketers?
Radio experience was supposed to improve but it seems we have more of the garbage we were trying to run away from.
Could this be the reason radio has lost influence in Zimbabwe?

Enough of roadshow radio stations and the spoilt generation.

Are Zimbabweans losing their sense of community?  Dont say Whatsapp groups are of any help.  Social media sites allow people to hide themselves and who they trully are.

This may work but we are human and we need real affection.  It's this real affection that seems to be lacking or people no longer know what it feels like? 

Even at church, workplaces, parties and festivals, you see a lot lonely faces...(yet these are the communities where we are supposed to be comfortable).

Is it because we have placed a price tag on love and affection that we find ourselves lonely simply because we are broke?
The economy may be in tatters but the rise in mental illnesses like depression could be more a result of the undue pressure we are putting on ourselves rather than real economic failure.

So next time you feel lonely, ask yourself, "Is it because I'm broke or I just don't know how to make and keep all-weather friends?"

Artwork by T.Shoc

Friday, 2 October 2015

Windows 10 | Diasporans worth $50billion | Powercuts

This is the first post after Shoko Festival 2015 (the festival that grabbed the headlines this year) and we congratulate the organisers.

Now to depressing news, Zambezi Water Authority hinted that water levels in Kariba dam will remain low till March 2016. 
It means we will have to endure the menacing powercuts for the next 6 months.
How much business loss in down time are we looking at?

Remember Windows 95?  Remember how Microsoft went on to dominate the next decade with cutting edge technologies?
Then came the heavily discredited Windows 8 (and a 9 that never lasted on the market) ...we thought these fools had learnt a lesson but alas...(to next paragraph)
Microsoft unleashed what we go down as this year's epic failure in the tech industry >>> Windows 10.

[Only 2 weeks after upgrading to this new OS, the machine crushes and the worst part is the user loses all files and documents in the system drive.  It's a disgrace!]

Have you heard this lad (muzukuru waSekuru) lately?  This "young man" lets excitement get the better of him.

Patrick the new minister of Youth, Indigenization ...(and whatever words can fit the portfolio) is at it again.
This year he is selling a lie (or truth yet to be proved) that Zimbabwean Diasporans are worth $50billion.
How did he come up with that figure?
If you aren't peeved yet, you also need to remember that this Muzukuru waSekuru is the same guy that was selling creation of 2million jobs in the run up to the 31 July 2013 elections.
He claims to be an economist, engineer (and anything that can make him look good) professions which rely on scientific evidence and not wild imaginations.

We enjoyed Shoko Festival 2015 but we are really angry at our government that comes up wild figures every now and then. 
We are even more concerned with the promised powercuts and finally, to Microsoft, please do something about your crap OS or we all switch to iOS.

For the good of the Republic!

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