Friday, 18 September 2015

Wrong Speech | Snake charmers | IMF

It's another week ended, probably the last Friday before Shoko 2015 and you know what that means.

First, let us look at how Zimbabwe who for a long time have loudly expressed their disdain and mistrust for the International Monetary Fund.

The Bretton Woods institute has largely been seen as as extension of the armoury that western nations are using to achieve regime change.

Would the western nations gather that much of resources just to unsit Mugabe?

The IMF shocked us (meaning me and those blind ZANU loyals) when they revealed that our government (which promised to create 2million jobs) had agreed to fire a good percentage of civil servants.  Regime change huh?

Have you read?  The infamous State-of-the-nation address #SONA2015 was read again in parliament.  They say it was a mistake but I ask, If mistake have become so obvious at state house, how many more mistakes is government making that we are not aware of?

How many more mistakes are we willing to make before we finally say enough is enough?

On lighter (or spiritual) note, a snake charmer was arrested at a roadblock for carrying a snake in his laptop bag.  He was using public transport.  He is claiming his snake back.

Lets say its a pet.  How does he feed this snake?  And what else besides being a pet does this snake do for him?  We all know that dogs bark and protect their territory.  How does the snake protect its territory?

Questions asked, you find the answers.

By the way, F.E.A.R Corporation released unaudited results for third quarter of financial year 2015.

For the good of the Republic!

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