Thursday, 10 September 2015

Mujuru's BUILD | Booze, School & Religion

When a nation is depressed, it looks for distractions or things that
can divert focus and attention from prevailing problems.

Before 2008, people obsessed with politics. All believed that somehow
their salvation lay on Mugabe or Tsvangirai's lap. The GNU gave us a
ray of hope but after The Great Disappointment of 31st July people
began searching for alternatives.

Prophets, booze & schooling have become the new obsessions.

This is why Tsvangirai, Mugabe (and other clowns) plus the old
newcomer Joice Mujuru no longer get as much attention as was before.

Mujuru's BUILD which is to an extent at variance with ZimASSET but
largely a synonym of opposition manifestos confirms that the root
problems of Zimbabwean economy are the same (though ZANU PF - Mugabe
factions) is still in denial.

Are Zimbabweans ever going to read manifestos?
Will Zimbabweans ever bother queueing to vote?

Zimbabweans are now studying hard, tithing harder and partying hardest.

No room for politics!

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