Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Youth Day | Labour Bill | Boycott ZANU PF linked enterprises

After weeks of hibernation (never mind where we were), we are back
(you can ask 'Where were we?')

GOV having failed to create 2.2million jobs but instead taking the
country in reverse, we watch them create a Labour Bill (cosmetic) to
arrest an accelerated worker purge (comparable only to anti-Gamatox
campaign of 2014) that has seen more than 20,000 workers stranded
since the 17th July 2015 Supreme Court ruling.
They say the retrospective bill is a win-win but will it achieve
#ZimASSET objectives?

MDC-T whose embattled leader Tsvangirai has been quiet since The Great
Disappointment of 31 July 2013 is urging Zimbabweans to boycott ZANU
PF linked enterprises.

How do we identify these businesses?
Do people really have alternatives?

International Youth Day and we look at substance abuse.
What's wrong with Zimbabwe?
What future do we have when the young spend the day sozzled?
Are we building a future of drunkards?

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