Monday, 13 July 2015

#zimVendors: Who burnt our livelihoods?

We are tempted to look at what happened to #zimVendors' wares from an
economic perspective but let's be human and forget the stats. This
thing also happened in Bulawayo when a warehouse full of goods was
razed to the ground.

Think of how little Chipo will feel when she learns that the business
that enabled her mother (who is her hero) to send her to school is no

Think of little John who has to live with the fact that for a long
time coming, daddy will not be able to put food on their table.

Spare a thought to the families that have depended on this trade for
years now. How livelihoods have been affected. Some were already
living on the edge and now the only thing that kept them going has
been taken away from them.

When you push a people too far, you invoke their darkest side.
A hungry man is an angry man.
Although reaction might not be swift, there's growing resentment for
the already unpopular GOV.

For the good of the Republic.

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