Thursday, 30 July 2015

#CecilTheLion | Unfortunate Labour ruling | Death of Zimbabwean sport

Great news!
Zimbabwe was fined by the IOC for failing to fulfil a fixture
(apparently because we had no money)... yet we can raise millions for
birthdays. Priorities!

We may not see it as corruption but what is it when after the Supreme
Court ruling on termination of employment contracts, organizations
(ZCTU included) arrange for a $350 per head breakfast meeting (to
discuss the issue)?
Are the affected workers holidaying at lavish hotels?
By being part of this, the labour body has demonstrated that it's no
longer about the workers.
It's been corrupted & compromised.

Finally, Cecil the Lion. Judging from the international outrage and
condemnation of the killing of Zimbabwe's most famous animal,
Hollywood could be cooking up something. But how did we get to that?
Trophy hunting is a sick can you enjoy killing for no
reason other than enjoying it?

We Humans are a corrupted species altogether.

By the way, ZIBF 2015 continues at Harare Gardens till August 1st.

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