Sunday, 28 June 2015

Useless beef | Bribing radio stations | We are all vendors

We are all vendors.  More than 90% of Zimbabweans are selling something whether it's a commodity or it's a service.  Whether we rent shops, sell from the car boot or we are savvy enough to try the internet.  Street vendors are no more desperate than we are.  These people are no worse than Pokello and her publicity stunts (aggressive marketing).  Street vendors' selling strategies are much better than the Stunner-Mudiwa beef.  We are all feeling the effects of a failing economy. 

At F.E.A.R Corporation we acknowledge the entrpreneurial spirit being shown by the street vendors and we believe that if given the opportunity to formalise, street vendors will succeed.  We see them as potential marketing and distribution partners.  We love order and we are sad at the state of the Sunshine City but we still recognize that it's not the vendors' fault that Zimbabwe is in a state of chaos.

From vendors to our broadcasters.  When we called for media diversity, we believed in diversity of opinion and content.  However, we note with concern that the so called new players do not only censure "other" opinions but their content still lacks the diversity we envisioned.  Furthermore, we believe (but can't prove) that other artists are more equal than others.  In essence, stations are behaving as groupies of certain artists.  Whether they are bribed or coerced into playing the music, we don't know (but we will soon find out).  If it's neither that, then let's say their music libraries are shallow (rather the music librarians are lazy).

In closing, we take a look at the beef that's got "some" music fans talking.  The Stunner-Mudiwa beef.  We aren't sure of how it started the strategy is way less than #ReallyGood.  Releasing songs with the same chorus, same topic, same beat is rather not subtle.  That was a clumsy move (not hating).  We have witnessed better beef in the HipHop world and we know real beef.  Come on Stunner and Mudiwa.  You can do better.

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