Thursday, 25 June 2015

To our born Sons (and daughters)

Life is a mystery.  From conception till death, we have very little control over what happens.  For those religious like me, it's easy because it's all in the hands of God.

Trust me here, even when I have enough scriptures to quote and convince you that God exists, I am not going to try that.  Instead, let's dwell on the sanctity of life a bit.

Life is not ours to either create or destroy.  Life is a gift that no one amongst us can take away or give.  No one has jurisdiction over the length of another's life.  (No abortion, no death penalty)

If you are new to this, you are probably wondering where I'm going with all this so.  Without wasting your time, I will pass on this message that my friend, brother and colleague Seldom Nyasha and wife Constance were blessed with the gift of a new life.

Shocked or not, envious or not, happy or not, I dont care what you feel.  All I care about is that I'm happy that the Mangwende's have added Sky as a new member of the family.

To you of my age, this is a reminder that we are growing old.  But most importantly this is a happy moment for us (hoping Sky will inherit the parents' good genes)

No longer do we have to write poems to our unborn children.  Now is the time to embrace these children we are gifted with and be there for them until they are adult enough to want to be there for us. (if they choose to)

To the Mangwende family, you have been given another opportunity to watch birth, growth and success of yet another of yours.

To us (me and some of you readers), this is an inspiration.  This is our moment of reckoning. 

Speaking on my behalf, congrats to Nyasha & Constance.  May God bless this young Sky and help you protect him from the vultures of this world.


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