Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Confederate Flag | Tomana | Econet sneezes

Doom & Gloom
Econet Wireless set to slash salaries by 35%. BORROWING from Kubatana:
If you aren't outraged, you ain't payin attention.
Econet is a blue chip counter. In simple terms, they are amongst the
largest listed companies on the ZSE (should I explain that too?)
What's the significance? When the big boys sneeze, the small boys are
probably in ICU.

Who will prosecute (or persecute) the prosecutor general? Johannes
Tomana is under pressure after some irresponsible remarks on age of
consent for girls. 12 years is too young. The president's counsel was
caught offside...but will there be any action taken against him?

Finally let's talk about the Confederate Flag and the Charleston
Shooting. How some racist douschebag has managed to prove that the
world will never change.

"Still I see no changes. All I see's racist faces..." - 2Pac in 'Changes'

"Racism still alive, they just be concealin it" - Dr Kanye West



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Ittai Bryan

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