Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Factionalism | Policy inconsistency | Mediocrity

Let's start with football.  Your thoughts obviously rush to the FIFA debacle or crisis that is currently raging on, before we look at that, let us look at the UEFA Champions League final. 

Unapologetically, I am a die hard Juventus supporter (since the days of Del Piero & David Trezeguet) and I was disappointed at the final result in Berlin on Saturday.  I still think we were robbed.  At least one penalty of the two that we were denied could have turned things around. 

Here's where FIFA and Blatter come in.  Favoritism in football.  They nurtured the culture (doling out numerous accolades to Messi).  Juventus lost because they were playing against Barcelona (a team full of celebrities and so very marketable).  It was like a well written script.  It felt like watching WWE where John Cena is fighting against the Russian Russev.

Back to more pressing issues.  FIFA weren't the only guys messing up on a massive scale, our Zimbabwean government have been and continue with their nonsensicals.  Here's an example: Finance Minister Chinamasa said government couldn't afford bonuses for civil servants till 2017 but days later, schoolboy Bob government could and would pay the bonuses.

Another one: government gave a 7 day ultimatum to vendors to get off the streets then with 2 days left to the ultimatum, they have extended the deadline.  Here's a funny one: Teachers will now pay rentals for the houses they stay in at the government schools they teach.  So most probably, the rentals they pay will be the bonuses they get at the end of the year.  Why call it rent?  Why not call it a bonus saving or something.

Before the 31 July 2013 elections, ZANU PF were saying they wanted elections because they were fed up with the bickering in the GNU.  Almost TWO years down the line, factionalism has reared its ugly head.  The bickering is much worse and is getting out of hand.

Lastly, let's have another laugh at Elton Mangoma once revered politician who has fallen by the wayside.  Heard he has formed another party.  It's guys like him that give democracy a bad name.  Democracy doesn't mean going about forming new parties when things dont go our way. 

Democracy means collective decision making.  It's all about consensus.  (Hoping Tsvangirai, Mugabe and Biti will read this)

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