Sunday, 28 June 2015

Useless beef | Bribing radio stations | We are all vendors

We are all vendors.  More than 90% of Zimbabweans are selling something whether it's a commodity or it's a service.  Whether we rent shops, sell from the car boot or we are savvy enough to try the internet.  Street vendors are no more desperate than we are.  These people are no worse than Pokello and her publicity stunts (aggressive marketing).  Street vendors' selling strategies are much better than the Stunner-Mudiwa beef.  We are all feeling the effects of a failing economy. 

At F.E.A.R Corporation we acknowledge the entrpreneurial spirit being shown by the street vendors and we believe that if given the opportunity to formalise, street vendors will succeed.  We see them as potential marketing and distribution partners.  We love order and we are sad at the state of the Sunshine City but we still recognize that it's not the vendors' fault that Zimbabwe is in a state of chaos.

From vendors to our broadcasters.  When we called for media diversity, we believed in diversity of opinion and content.  However, we note with concern that the so called new players do not only censure "other" opinions but their content still lacks the diversity we envisioned.  Furthermore, we believe (but can't prove) that other artists are more equal than others.  In essence, stations are behaving as groupies of certain artists.  Whether they are bribed or coerced into playing the music, we don't know (but we will soon find out).  If it's neither that, then let's say their music libraries are shallow (rather the music librarians are lazy).

In closing, we take a look at the beef that's got "some" music fans talking.  The Stunner-Mudiwa beef.  We aren't sure of how it started the strategy is way less than #ReallyGood.  Releasing songs with the same chorus, same topic, same beat is rather not subtle.  That was a clumsy move (not hating).  We have witnessed better beef in the HipHop world and we know real beef.  Come on Stunner and Mudiwa.  You can do better.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

To our born Sons (and daughters)

Life is a mystery.  From conception till death, we have very little control over what happens.  For those religious like me, it's easy because it's all in the hands of God.

Trust me here, even when I have enough scriptures to quote and convince you that God exists, I am not going to try that.  Instead, let's dwell on the sanctity of life a bit.

Life is not ours to either create or destroy.  Life is a gift that no one amongst us can take away or give.  No one has jurisdiction over the length of another's life.  (No abortion, no death penalty)

If you are new to this, you are probably wondering where I'm going with all this so.  Without wasting your time, I will pass on this message that my friend, brother and colleague Seldom Nyasha and wife Constance were blessed with the gift of a new life.

Shocked or not, envious or not, happy or not, I dont care what you feel.  All I care about is that I'm happy that the Mangwende's have added Sky as a new member of the family.

To you of my age, this is a reminder that we are growing old.  But most importantly this is a happy moment for us (hoping Sky will inherit the parents' good genes)

No longer do we have to write poems to our unborn children.  Now is the time to embrace these children we are gifted with and be there for them until they are adult enough to want to be there for us. (if they choose to)

To the Mangwende family, you have been given another opportunity to watch birth, growth and success of yet another of yours.

To us (me and some of you readers), this is an inspiration.  This is our moment of reckoning. 

Speaking on my behalf, congrats to Nyasha & Constance.  May God bless this young Sky and help you protect him from the vultures of this world.


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Confederate Flag | Tomana | Econet sneezes

Doom & Gloom
Econet Wireless set to slash salaries by 35%. BORROWING from Kubatana:
If you aren't outraged, you ain't payin attention.
Econet is a blue chip counter. In simple terms, they are amongst the
largest listed companies on the ZSE (should I explain that too?)
What's the significance? When the big boys sneeze, the small boys are
probably in ICU.

Who will prosecute (or persecute) the prosecutor general? Johannes
Tomana is under pressure after some irresponsible remarks on age of
consent for girls. 12 years is too young. The president's counsel was
caught offside...but will there be any action taken against him?

Finally let's talk about the Confederate Flag and the Charleston
Shooting. How some racist douschebag has managed to prove that the
world will never change.

"Still I see no changes. All I see's racist faces..." - 2Pac in 'Changes'

"Racism still alive, they just be concealin it" - Dr Kanye West


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Factionalism | Policy inconsistency | Mediocrity

Let's start with football.  Your thoughts obviously rush to the FIFA debacle or crisis that is currently raging on, before we look at that, let us look at the UEFA Champions League final. 

Unapologetically, I am a die hard Juventus supporter (since the days of Del Piero & David Trezeguet) and I was disappointed at the final result in Berlin on Saturday.  I still think we were robbed.  At least one penalty of the two that we were denied could have turned things around. 

Here's where FIFA and Blatter come in.  Favoritism in football.  They nurtured the culture (doling out numerous accolades to Messi).  Juventus lost because they were playing against Barcelona (a team full of celebrities and so very marketable).  It was like a well written script.  It felt like watching WWE where John Cena is fighting against the Russian Russev.

Back to more pressing issues.  FIFA weren't the only guys messing up on a massive scale, our Zimbabwean government have been and continue with their nonsensicals.  Here's an example: Finance Minister Chinamasa said government couldn't afford bonuses for civil servants till 2017 but days later, schoolboy Bob government could and would pay the bonuses.

Another one: government gave a 7 day ultimatum to vendors to get off the streets then with 2 days left to the ultimatum, they have extended the deadline.  Here's a funny one: Teachers will now pay rentals for the houses they stay in at the government schools they teach.  So most probably, the rentals they pay will be the bonuses they get at the end of the year.  Why call it rent?  Why not call it a bonus saving or something.

Before the 31 July 2013 elections, ZANU PF were saying they wanted elections because they were fed up with the bickering in the GNU.  Almost TWO years down the line, factionalism has reared its ugly head.  The bickering is much worse and is getting out of hand.

Lastly, let's have another laugh at Elton Mangoma once revered politician who has fallen by the wayside.  Heard he has formed another party.  It's guys like him that give democracy a bad name.  Democracy doesn't mean going about forming new parties when things dont go our way. 

Democracy means collective decision making.  It's all about consensus.  (Hoping Tsvangirai, Mugabe and Biti will read this)

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