Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why @HOSEzw's #ReallyGood is a game changer

For centuries there have been music composers and great artists.  Some have been relegated to art libraries where only music scholars care about them or at least pretend for the sake of their researches.  Others never made it to the history books.  They had their moments which came and went in a flash.

There are notables however, whose music genius either became the soundtrack for a revolution or whose music resonates with a certain time in world's history.  Some of their works have been honoured and sampled by generations or done as covers in different genres like Reggae, Hip Hop and RnB.  Names like Wolfgang Mozart, van Beethoven, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, BB King, etc are synonymous with a certain era in mankinds' history.  Their names are stuck with us.

Here is how HOSE seeks to be that different.  HOSE will not be making 'music for the moment.'  Instead, the entity will sell a philosophy that seeks to inspire a generation.  HOSE isn't about record sales and Grammys, HOSE is about community.  The entertainment house has a vision for the community.  They do pursue profit as does any business entity but the vision is giving artists the platform to communicate with their communities through melody.

The #ReallyGood music are melodies for the community.  So don't feel let down when you here sounds that are succinctly different from what you hear on radio.  Rejoice if you like this music already for this is the music that will define today's generation.  This is the music that even your daughters and grandsons will sing along to for generations to come.

The #ReallyGood music by HOSE is a legacy to hold on to.

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