Monday, 4 May 2015

#HIFA2015 #IMPmusic | Xenophobia & Nepal

The last few weeks were characterised by lot's of positive activities
which for a time helped us close the negatives out.

HIFA unveiled the first edition of IMPACT, a conference for artists
and players in the art & media industry. The 2-day conference with
hosts including M.anifest & Tehn Diamond proved an eye opener for

Meanwhile, thousands kilometres away in Nepal a devastating earthquake
hit. As it the whole world was at HIFA, emergency response was
pathetically slow and even when HIFA's done, little has been done to
save lives in quake hit Nepal.

Dubbed the 'fight of the century', the Mayweather Pacquiao bout left
many (including Mayweather himself) disappointed at the event. The
fight failed to live up to the billing.

Back to Zimbabwe, only 8% of women & 15% of men access media once a week.

QUESTION: How do we reach out to people when less than 25% of
population have access to conventional media?

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