Thursday, 28 May 2015

Insomnia | Depression | Mental health

It's 0341hrs on Wednesday and I have been awake almost an hour.  I went to bed at 2300hrs on Tuesday which means I have only slept for 3 and half hours. 

Here's the surprising part: a good number of you aren't surprised.  Some of you probably sleep less hours.  I know my insomnia is stress or work related and on good days (which are becoming more frequent) I sleep all the 8 hours.  To some of you however, sleep never comes easy.  That's a sure sign that something is wrong.

I used to endure weeks of sleepless nights and I would burn the candle (when ZESA isn't there) during the night reading anything I could find (from 19th century romance novels to nanotechnology).  It did help to keep the brain busy and away from unending contemplations that yielded nothing.

However, reading or TV watching at 0300hrs is no solution to insomnia.  Instead, it gives the brain an incentive for not resting.  It's like rewarding your dog for digging holes in your yard.  By finding those niceties you give the mind a reason to want to sleep less.  So when I finally figured out that I was perpetuating my sleeplessness, I decided to punish the brain. 

Here's how I did it.  Instead of relaxing during the day, I worked both brain and body to the limit.  At the same time, I created a routine time table that shuts down both brain and the ever distracting gadgets at no later than 2200hrs.  By enforcing a routine, you enforce a habit.  In the early days, the mind acted stubborn; choosing to remain alert for hours.  I guess it was because no incentive came its way that the mind finally began to conform.

It's almost a year now and the routine is working (except for today and few other busy days).  I have become more productive during the day since I now work knowing I only have the daytime to reach my targets and due to adequate sleep, my brain is fresh and more creative during the day.  Also, I managed to discipline my mind.

Why is this important?  Insomnia is related to depression and related mental health problems.  As people sleep less, their mind refreshes less meaning there is a build up of stress.  For a while things seems right before the limit is reached and the mind snaps.  Stress build up leads to depression (the never ending feeling of sadness) and depression when not dealt with, eventually gives way to manic disorders.

So be a champion.  Avoid stress build up.  Get adequate sleep and be the master of your mind.

Why @HOSEzw's #ReallyGood is a game changer

For centuries there have been music composers and great artists.  Some have been relegated to art libraries where only music scholars care about them or at least pretend for the sake of their researches.  Others never made it to the history books.  They had their moments which came and went in a flash.

There are notables however, whose music genius either became the soundtrack for a revolution or whose music resonates with a certain time in world's history.  Some of their works have been honoured and sampled by generations or done as covers in different genres like Reggae, Hip Hop and RnB.  Names like Wolfgang Mozart, van Beethoven, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, BB King, etc are synonymous with a certain era in mankinds' history.  Their names are stuck with us.

Here is how HOSE seeks to be that different.  HOSE will not be making 'music for the moment.'  Instead, the entity will sell a philosophy that seeks to inspire a generation.  HOSE isn't about record sales and Grammys, HOSE is about community.  The entertainment house has a vision for the community.  They do pursue profit as does any business entity but the vision is giving artists the platform to communicate with their communities through melody.

The #ReallyGood music are melodies for the community.  So don't feel let down when you here sounds that are succinctly different from what you hear on radio.  Rejoice if you like this music already for this is the music that will define today's generation.  This is the music that even your daughters and grandsons will sing along to for generations to come.

The #ReallyGood music by HOSE is a legacy to hold on to.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mother's Day | The Kalanga jibe | Boko Haram

In a vain attempt to justify xenophobia, dear RG Mugabe went tribal by
labelling the Kalanga as uneducated. He went deeper by fingering the
tribe as the chief criminals in South Africa. Comment is not only
outlandish but shallow for a man who considers himself a statesman.

Nigerian government 'rescued' more than 200 girls from Boko Haram.
According to sources, the majority of them were pregnant. Abhorrent!
Is society ready to receive them back into the community?
When these girls give birth, who will support them?
Will government set aside a fund that will assist these victims?

On Sunday it Mother's Day. Shout out to all the mothers out there.
HOWEVER, I wish more mothers could access social media. Yes Facebook,
Twitter and WhatsApp can't replace the human touch but it can
strengthen human bonds. At best it keeps mothers 'cool' and in touch
with their kids lifestyles and trends.

#FinoAllaFinale #ReallyGood

Monday, 4 May 2015

#HIFA2015 #IMPmusic | Xenophobia & Nepal

The last few weeks were characterised by lot's of positive activities
which for a time helped us close the negatives out.

HIFA unveiled the first edition of IMPACT, a conference for artists
and players in the art & media industry. The 2-day conference with
hosts including M.anifest & Tehn Diamond proved an eye opener for

Meanwhile, thousands kilometres away in Nepal a devastating earthquake
hit. As it the whole world was at HIFA, emergency response was
pathetically slow and even when HIFA's done, little has been done to
save lives in quake hit Nepal.

Dubbed the 'fight of the century', the Mayweather Pacquiao bout left
many (including Mayweather himself) disappointed at the event. The
fight failed to live up to the billing.

Back to Zimbabwe, only 8% of women & 15% of men access media once a week.

QUESTION: How do we reach out to people when less than 25% of
population have access to conventional media?

#Telecel #ZimASSET #Anarchy | Bloody politicians!

#Telecel #ZimASSET #Anarchy | Bloody politicians!

On 31st July 2015, it will be 2 years since the disputed 2013
plebiscite that overwhelmingly gave ZanuPF a 5-year mandate to
implement the much talked about ZimASSET blueprint.

As of today, Zimbabwe has lost one of 3 mobile operators and the
employees find themselves back on the dreaded job market. Telecel
isn't the only enterprise that's shut down. Tabloids, banks,
manufacturers & miners have capitulated in the hostile economic

Here's the juicy part: Government proposes to have students undergo
'internship' soon after finishing O'Level.
QUESTION: Where & HOW much will they be earning?

Such a policy will open the doors for corporates to exploit these
youngsters. Effectively, these bloody politicians want our young
Zimbabweans enslaved by companies under the guise of nation building.
This move is pretty stupid.

Meanwhile, factionalism continues with no solution in sight. They
have no solutions.

Bloody politicians!

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