Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#Anarchy is here!


#Anarchy: The Purge
Inspired by real events

Open Minds Publications is pleased to announce that #Anarchy is here.
The much awaited series will be published on Channillo over 25 weeks
starting from April to September 2015.
The series #Anarchy will premier on on 9th April 2015.

#Anarchy: The Purge is a riveting story of a Marata family caught up
in a political storm that threatens to the very existence of a nation.

baJoshua 'Father of Joshua' a war veteran and political activist and
his siblings Tambu (who is physically challenged) and Freedom (a city
councillor very opposed to government) find themselves navigating the
treacherous waters of a deathly political system.

Ably supported by Danny (a rural politician), Lucinda (a struggling
widowed mother of two) and Jechoniah (baJoshua's second son).

Places and events are real but characters are fiction.

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