Thursday, 5 March 2015

Critical Question: Women's Day #IWD2015 - Are men invited?

I have been fortunate like almost all men to have a grandmother,
mother or aunt, sister or daughter and a girlfriend or wife.

Either way, women are a permanent presence in men's lives and the
reverse is also true. Logically Women's Day should involve men...but
to what extent?

1. By men's very nature, domination is a goal. Wherever men are
involved in decision-making, a power struggle ensues. Are we any good
for women's affairs?

2. Culturally women (especially in Africa) have 'trained' to bow down
to men. They are ready to surrender to men. Will men's presence in
their affairs reverse the progress made?

3. Men dabbling into women's issues. Is it not invading their space
considering we dominate every other sphere in their lives?

4. Aren't men part of the problems facing women? Can they have
honest discussions in our presence?

5. It's almost 20years after Beijing. Why do men still win
elections? Do women hate themselves?


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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