Thursday, 5 March 2015

Birthday bash or a bashing party? #Anarchy

Over the past 10years, they stood together and supported each other.
Their partnership was strong and it looked like the deputy was in line
to succeed her boss. Songs were composed to celebrate the 'team' and
all looked well. Together they resoundingly won an election (rigged
or not rigged) against all expectations.

Then trouble started.

Joice Mujuru now finds herself in the cold and her camp destroyed to
smithereens. She faces arrest and has been denigrated at every public

1. She has secrets enough to damage the party. Why has she kept quiet?

2. Is she going to form another party or has she given up on politics

3. How involved is she in the lawsuit filed by Rugare Gumbo & Didymus
Mutasa or are they fighting in their own corner?

4. Even if she forms a party, does she have enough grassroots support?

5. Who is Mujuru's true nemesis? Is it Mnangagwa, Mugabe or Grace?


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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