Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2015 isn't just bad news. "Anarchy" is on the way

Greetings in the New Year 2015.

We are hoping that we find you in the highest of spirits.
2015 looks like a volatile year opening with the unfortunate Charlie
Hebdo shootings in France, intensified attacks by Boko Haram in
Nigeria, and back here home; floods that have left at least 11 people
dead and an estimated 500 homeless.

Seemingly its doom and gloom but there's a vibe of hope and
positivity. As humans we have survived centuries of crisis and harsh
environments. We can do it again this year.

Open Minds Publications will not abort mission. As we speak, work has
already begun on a second offering of The GREAT Disappointment: 31st
The project titled Anarchy is a 3-part literary piece full of intrigue.

Following on the success of the first edition
Anarchy will be in the same style of political drama full of suspense
and intense moments of truth.

So even when outlook isn't bright, OMP brings you something to look up
to. We offer you something to hope for.

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