Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Exchange rates | National Budget | Paris bombings

They told us the heatwave would last only a week...yet till Sunday 15th November daily temperatures were higher than usual.

...and what happened to the 'prophecy' that the sun would dim for 15 days?

Mid-November in Southern Africa yet still no rains...and Limpopo in SA has been declared a drought zone this farming season.  You still doubt climate change?

Now to politics...Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa who has been largely quiet of late is expected to present the 2016 national budget.  It's a big YAWN of cause but we can't ignore it outrightly.
What can we look forward to?  A huge loan from China or Russia?
Another tax increase and introduction of the stupid empowerment levy?
More funding for the agricultural sector when hospitals are no more than quarantine facilities?
Or it's just the same old story, same old commitments but no concrete action.

With memories of the Charlie Hebdo incident still fresh, Paris has been hit by another series of bombings.  ISIS claimed responsibility and several suspects have been arrested.
The question however is 'How is France going to react?
Are we going to see another NATO operation in the middle East?
How does this affect the thousands of migrants who are predominantly Moslem as they try to seek asylum in France?
France being the godfather of the Francophone has been a place of refuge for most West African countries plus the Sahel region, how will these relations be affected?
What if France and Europe try to cut a compromise deal with the Moslem world?

Sad indeed and our hearts are with the families of the victims.

...back to Zimbabwe
"The RBZ is sitting on $1million worth of bond coins" ...and we have shops rejecting Rand coins.
I have tried to ignore conspiracy theorists (who even saw Zanele's death as plain politics) but there could be truth in their thinking that the RBZ is behind the Rand Coin Crisis.
Why would retailers reject the R5 coin and yet receive the R100 note?
What's the difference? (economists please explain)
It cant be because the Rand is weakening...its been fluctuating over the years (Takunda Mugaga how can we explain this?)

Someone somewhere within the system is gaining something and we haven't figured it out yet.
Remember the days of 'burning' money?
The authorities were making a killing by giving us useless Zim$ and taking away our US$.

Is this the end of the Rand coin or its just a passing phase? (the southern parts of Zimbabwe use the rand as if they are in Polokwane)

Now that citizens are stuck with these coins and they can't transact, how will this affect the economy?
If the authorities are not the ones behind this, what are they doing to remedy the situation?

On a closing note, LEAF was launched to assist youths with loans...which youths exactly?

Never be afraid to ask questions...

For the good of the Republic!

El Nino | Thanksgiving | Leaked exams

It's been a while since we heard the name El Nino.  It sounds like a cyclone that will bring heavy rains and uproot trees but it's the opposite.

The El Nino phenomenon happens in the Indian Ocean.  The effect is that instead of East and Southern Africa receiving hot humid wind which results in rainfall, all we get is dry wind. 

Dry wind means zero to no rainfall and whatever precipitation we get is likely in the form of thunderstorms.  Put simply the rains are erratic and crops dont grow well...harvests are poor...its a drought and Zimbabwe has to turn to donors for food assistance.

What boggles mind however, is that there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency on the part of our government.

Instead, they are busy following Grace Mugabe at her 'Meet the people' rallies.  Will these people they are meeting eat Grace?
I got nothing against the First Lady but I have everything against a government that's so confused that they more attention to some party leader when the nation is burning.

The year is drawing to an end.  In Church we start thinking of Thanksgiving before Advent starts.
There's a lot of wrongs that happened this year and we will be justified for being angry at God.  However, anger at the creator will not get us anywhere.  Instead we are better people when we celebrate that which we achieved and are thankful that unlike many, we still have hope.

You may ridicule 'hope' but it's the very thing why thousands throng stadia and places like Zindoga paying out loads of money to the propheets.  Hope is all we have.  Hope is what keeps us in school.  Hope is what helps you to cope with a heartbreak, or failed business venture.

Thank God for that hope...and hope for more for you deserve more.

Now to rumours and hearsay.  They say exams were leaking left, right and centre...and the media was hushed about the issue (at least the mainstream media).

(in a low voice) > They didn't have the resources to order rewrites of leaked exams nationwide so they turned a blind eye and hoped the media wouldn't so much noise about it...(I never said it's TRUE...I just heard)

Whatever the case may be, our exam board has a lot to do to gain the respect and credibility afforded other exam boards like Cambridge.

It could also work if somehow schools were to get more involved in the process...let us see what the education curriculum review will recommend.

For the good of the Republic!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Carnivals | Indigenization Conference | Public service commission

Heatwave! Heatwave! Read messages in WhatsApp groups sounding the alarming on an expected rise of temperatures to above normal digits.

The Met Dept gave a warning to that effect in confirmation but their statement was sharply different from what the WhatsApp messages screamed.  At least we survived.

Now to what's worth screaming over: Indiginisation Conference that will focus on ...wait for it....wait for it...."The 10-point plan."  [If you aren't laughing then you got anger issues]

The 10 point plan is the very summarized ZIMASSET that has failed to yield over the past 2 years.  Now they hold a conference on the crappy policy that (we can blame for low water levels in Kariba) has turned Zimbabweans into desperados.  Stop wasting our time. 

Instead of wasting resources on a talkshop, Muzukuru waSekuru should be doing a manpower audit in his ministry and fire the thousands of good-for-nothings that are being paid for nothing.

Speaking of which, the public service commission has turned our educationists into serfs.  The education professionals affectionately known as teachers are now even afraid to express their grievances as they used to do.  Even their union leaders have cowed into submission or they face the axe.

Government is using tactics worse than what teachers in Rhodesia went through.  Today's government relies on threatening civil servants with striking them off the payroll as ghost workers.  It's a travesty. 

This cluesless administration is infringing on workers' rights.  Shame.  What now?  Majongwe where are you?

Samba girls were in Harare over the weekend.  They were part of what was dubbed the Harare Carnival.  I have nothing against the efforts being made by tourism and hospitality minister, "Eng" Walter Mzembi.  Since I have no experience in the hospitality industry, I will only ask questions.

Is a Carnival intended to draw international or local tourists?
If events like carnivals can draw tourists, why is hospitality ministry reluctant to partner festivals like HIFA, Shoko & Intwasa to better market brand Zimbabwe?
Who benefits from the Carnival; the Brazilians who bring their Samba girls or Zimbabwe who parades members of the defense forces?

Let's get serious here.  What was the army doing there?  Zimbabwe already has a reputation of using force on civilians (which is partly why we are getting fewer tourists than we deserve) then we expect to attract tourists by parading the men & women in uniform.  Is that not shooting ourselves in the foot?

That's it for now.  Let's get back to 18hrs of loadshedding or we could start a "Fill up the dam" Campaign and have wellwishers donate towards the transportation of water from Lake Chivero to Lake Kariba.

For the good of the Republic!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Generation Had It All | Loneliness lndex | Roadshow stations

Pope Francis' Synod on Family that officially started in Rome is expected to review the meaning of family and marriage from a Christian perspective...since it's on going, we shall not dwell upon that.

Ever heard of Generation Had It All?  We ain't talking of the political amateurs (G40), we talking of a generation slightly older than that.  Generation Had It All are 60s & 70s kids who enjoyed school and life in independent Zimbabwe.

Folks of Generation Had It All went to school for free up to University.  They could afford to drop out of school and get good jobs in industry.  Food was in abundance and the 80s economy was not only stable but expanding creating opportunities for the masses. 

This Generation which enjoyed their youth in a land of milk and honey are amongst our country's abusers of alcohol.  They are the people that watched as ZANU PF fortify themselves in power.

On a weekend of severe powercuts (loadshedding), I was forced to tune my mobile device onto the available FM stations.

I regret that.

One of the so called commercial radio stations ....let me rephrase.  I felt like a nigger dude at a roadshow.  The type of music they were playing & the unprofessional (or one inexperienced) presenters made did not do any good. 

Did government give licenses to radio stations or to roadshow marketers?
Radio experience was supposed to improve but it seems we have more of the garbage we were trying to run away from.
Could this be the reason radio has lost influence in Zimbabwe?

Enough of roadshow radio stations and the spoilt generation.

Are Zimbabweans losing their sense of community?  Dont say Whatsapp groups are of any help.  Social media sites allow people to hide themselves and who they trully are.

This may work but we are human and we need real affection.  It's this real affection that seems to be lacking or people no longer know what it feels like? 

Even at church, workplaces, parties and festivals, you see a lot lonely faces...(yet these are the communities where we are supposed to be comfortable).

Is it because we have placed a price tag on love and affection that we find ourselves lonely simply because we are broke?
The economy may be in tatters but the rise in mental illnesses like depression could be more a result of the undue pressure we are putting on ourselves rather than real economic failure.

So next time you feel lonely, ask yourself, "Is it because I'm broke or I just don't know how to make and keep all-weather friends?"

Artwork by T.Shoc

Friday, 2 October 2015

Windows 10 | Diasporans worth $50billion | Powercuts

This is the first post after Shoko Festival 2015 (the festival that grabbed the headlines this year) and we congratulate the organisers.

Now to depressing news, Zambezi Water Authority hinted that water levels in Kariba dam will remain low till March 2016. 
It means we will have to endure the menacing powercuts for the next 6 months.
How much business loss in down time are we looking at?

Remember Windows 95?  Remember how Microsoft went on to dominate the next decade with cutting edge technologies?
Then came the heavily discredited Windows 8 (and a 9 that never lasted on the market) ...we thought these fools had learnt a lesson but alas...(to next paragraph)
Microsoft unleashed what we go down as this year's epic failure in the tech industry >>> Windows 10.

[Only 2 weeks after upgrading to this new OS, the machine crushes and the worst part is the user loses all files and documents in the system drive.  It's a disgrace!]

Have you heard this lad (muzukuru waSekuru) lately?  This "young man" lets excitement get the better of him.

Patrick the new minister of Youth, Indigenization ...(and whatever words can fit the portfolio) is at it again.
This year he is selling a lie (or truth yet to be proved) that Zimbabwean Diasporans are worth $50billion.
How did he come up with that figure?
If you aren't peeved yet, you also need to remember that this Muzukuru waSekuru is the same guy that was selling creation of 2million jobs in the run up to the 31 July 2013 elections.
He claims to be an economist, engineer (and anything that can make him look good) professions which rely on scientific evidence and not wild imaginations.

We enjoyed Shoko Festival 2015 but we are really angry at our government that comes up wild figures every now and then. 
We are even more concerned with the promised powercuts and finally, to Microsoft, please do something about your crap OS or we all switch to iOS.

For the good of the Republic!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Wrong Speech | Snake charmers | IMF

It's another week ended, probably the last Friday before Shoko 2015 and you know what that means.

First, let us look at how Zimbabwe who for a long time have loudly expressed their disdain and mistrust for the International Monetary Fund.

The Bretton Woods institute has largely been seen as as extension of the armoury that western nations are using to achieve regime change.

Would the western nations gather that much of resources just to unsit Mugabe?

The IMF shocked us (meaning me and those blind ZANU loyals) when they revealed that our government (which promised to create 2million jobs) had agreed to fire a good percentage of civil servants.  Regime change huh?

Have you read?  The infamous State-of-the-nation address #SONA2015 was read again in parliament.  They say it was a mistake but I ask, If mistake have become so obvious at state house, how many more mistakes is government making that we are not aware of?

How many more mistakes are we willing to make before we finally say enough is enough?

On lighter (or spiritual) note, a snake charmer was arrested at a roadblock for carrying a snake in his laptop bag.  He was using public transport.  He is claiming his snake back.

Lets say its a pet.  How does he feed this snake?  And what else besides being a pet does this snake do for him?  We all know that dogs bark and protect their territory.  How does the snake protect its territory?

Questions asked, you find the answers.

By the way, F.E.A.R Corporation released unaudited results for third quarter of financial year 2015. ibmatteu.wordpress.com

For the good of the Republic!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Mujuru's BUILD | Booze, School & Religion

When a nation is depressed, it looks for distractions or things that
can divert focus and attention from prevailing problems.

Before 2008, people obsessed with politics. All believed that somehow
their salvation lay on Mugabe or Tsvangirai's lap. The GNU gave us a
ray of hope but after The Great Disappointment of 31st July people
began searching for alternatives.

Prophets, booze & schooling have become the new obsessions.

This is why Tsvangirai, Mugabe (and other clowns) plus the old
newcomer Joice Mujuru no longer get as much attention as was before.

Mujuru's BUILD which is to an extent at variance with ZimASSET but
largely a synonym of opposition manifestos confirms that the root
problems of Zimbabwean economy are the same (though ZANU PF - Mugabe
factions) is still in denial.

Are Zimbabweans ever going to read manifestos?
Will Zimbabweans ever bother queueing to vote?

Zimbabweans are now studying hard, tithing harder and partying hardest.

No room for politics!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Youth Day | Labour Bill | Boycott ZANU PF linked enterprises

After weeks of hibernation (never mind where we were), we are back
(you can ask 'Where were we?')

GOV having failed to create 2.2million jobs but instead taking the
country in reverse, we watch them create a Labour Bill (cosmetic) to
arrest an accelerated worker purge (comparable only to anti-Gamatox
campaign of 2014) that has seen more than 20,000 workers stranded
since the 17th July 2015 Supreme Court ruling.
They say the retrospective bill is a win-win but will it achieve
#ZimASSET objectives?

MDC-T whose embattled leader Tsvangirai has been quiet since The Great
Disappointment of 31 July 2013 is urging Zimbabweans to boycott ZANU
PF linked enterprises.

How do we identify these businesses?
Do people really have alternatives?

International Youth Day and we look at substance abuse.
What's wrong with Zimbabwe?
What future do we have when the young spend the day sozzled?
Are we building a future of drunkards?

Thursday, 30 July 2015

#CecilTheLion | Unfortunate Labour ruling | Death of Zimbabwean sport

Great news!
Zimbabwe was fined by the IOC for failing to fulfil a fixture
(apparently because we had no money)... yet we can raise millions for
birthdays. Priorities!

We may not see it as corruption but what is it when after the Supreme
Court ruling on termination of employment contracts, organizations
(ZCTU included) arrange for a $350 per head breakfast meeting (to
discuss the issue)?
Are the affected workers holidaying at lavish hotels?
By being part of this, the labour body has demonstrated that it's no
longer about the workers.
It's been corrupted & compromised.

Finally, Cecil the Lion. Judging from the international outrage and
condemnation of the killing of Zimbabwe's most famous animal,
Hollywood could be cooking up something. But how did we get to that?
Trophy hunting is a sick sport...how can you enjoy killing for no
reason other than enjoying it?

We Humans are a corrupted species altogether.

By the way, ZIBF 2015 continues at Harare Gardens till August 1st.

Monday, 13 July 2015

#zimVendors: Who burnt our livelihoods?

We are tempted to look at what happened to #zimVendors' wares from an
economic perspective but let's be human and forget the stats. This
thing also happened in Bulawayo when a warehouse full of goods was
razed to the ground.

Think of how little Chipo will feel when she learns that the business
that enabled her mother (who is her hero) to send her to school is no

Think of little John who has to live with the fact that for a long
time coming, daddy will not be able to put food on their table.

Spare a thought to the families that have depended on this trade for
years now. How livelihoods have been affected. Some were already
living on the edge and now the only thing that kept them going has
been taken away from them.

When you push a people too far, you invoke their darkest side.
A hungry man is an angry man.
Although reaction might not be swift, there's growing resentment for
the already unpopular GOV.

For the good of the Republic.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Useless beef | Bribing radio stations | We are all vendors

We are all vendors.  More than 90% of Zimbabweans are selling something whether it's a commodity or it's a service.  Whether we rent shops, sell from the car boot or we are savvy enough to try the internet.  Street vendors are no more desperate than we are.  These people are no worse than Pokello and her publicity stunts (aggressive marketing).  Street vendors' selling strategies are much better than the Stunner-Mudiwa beef.  We are all feeling the effects of a failing economy. 

At F.E.A.R Corporation we acknowledge the entrpreneurial spirit being shown by the street vendors and we believe that if given the opportunity to formalise, street vendors will succeed.  We see them as potential marketing and distribution partners.  We love order and we are sad at the state of the Sunshine City but we still recognize that it's not the vendors' fault that Zimbabwe is in a state of chaos.

From vendors to our broadcasters.  When we called for media diversity, we believed in diversity of opinion and content.  However, we note with concern that the so called new players do not only censure "other" opinions but their content still lacks the diversity we envisioned.  Furthermore, we believe (but can't prove) that other artists are more equal than others.  In essence, stations are behaving as groupies of certain artists.  Whether they are bribed or coerced into playing the music, we don't know (but we will soon find out).  If it's neither that, then let's say their music libraries are shallow (rather the music librarians are lazy).

In closing, we take a look at the beef that's got "some" music fans talking.  The Stunner-Mudiwa beef.  We aren't sure of how it started the strategy is way less than #ReallyGood.  Releasing songs with the same chorus, same topic, same beat is rather not subtle.  That was a clumsy move (not hating).  We have witnessed better beef in the HipHop world and we know real beef.  Come on Stunner and Mudiwa.  You can do better.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

To our born Sons (and daughters)

Life is a mystery.  From conception till death, we have very little control over what happens.  For those religious like me, it's easy because it's all in the hands of God.

Trust me here, even when I have enough scriptures to quote and convince you that God exists, I am not going to try that.  Instead, let's dwell on the sanctity of life a bit.

Life is not ours to either create or destroy.  Life is a gift that no one amongst us can take away or give.  No one has jurisdiction over the length of another's life.  (No abortion, no death penalty)

If you are new to this, you are probably wondering where I'm going with all this so.  Without wasting your time, I will pass on this message that my friend, brother and colleague Seldom Nyasha and wife Constance were blessed with the gift of a new life.

Shocked or not, envious or not, happy or not, I dont care what you feel.  All I care about is that I'm happy that the Mangwende's have added Sky as a new member of the family.

To you of my age, this is a reminder that we are growing old.  But most importantly this is a happy moment for us (hoping Sky will inherit the parents' good genes)

No longer do we have to write poems to our unborn children.  Now is the time to embrace these children we are gifted with and be there for them until they are adult enough to want to be there for us. (if they choose to)

To the Mangwende family, you have been given another opportunity to watch birth, growth and success of yet another of yours.

To us (me and some of you readers), this is an inspiration.  This is our moment of reckoning. 

Speaking on my behalf, congrats to Nyasha & Constance.  May God bless this young Sky and help you protect him from the vultures of this world.


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Confederate Flag | Tomana | Econet sneezes

Doom & Gloom
Econet Wireless set to slash salaries by 35%. BORROWING from Kubatana:
If you aren't outraged, you ain't payin attention.
Econet is a blue chip counter. In simple terms, they are amongst the
largest listed companies on the ZSE (should I explain that too?)
What's the significance? When the big boys sneeze, the small boys are
probably in ICU.

Who will prosecute (or persecute) the prosecutor general? Johannes
Tomana is under pressure after some irresponsible remarks on age of
consent for girls. 12 years is too young. The president's counsel was
caught offside...but will there be any action taken against him?

Finally let's talk about the Confederate Flag and the Charleston
Shooting. How some racist douschebag has managed to prove that the
world will never change.

"Still I see no changes. All I see's racist faces..." - 2Pac in 'Changes'

"Racism still alive, they just be concealin it" - Dr Kanye West



Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Factionalism | Policy inconsistency | Mediocrity

Let's start with football.  Your thoughts obviously rush to the FIFA debacle or crisis that is currently raging on, before we look at that, let us look at the UEFA Champions League final. 

Unapologetically, I am a die hard Juventus supporter (since the days of Del Piero & David Trezeguet) and I was disappointed at the final result in Berlin on Saturday.  I still think we were robbed.  At least one penalty of the two that we were denied could have turned things around. 

Here's where FIFA and Blatter come in.  Favoritism in football.  They nurtured the culture (doling out numerous accolades to Messi).  Juventus lost because they were playing against Barcelona (a team full of celebrities and so very marketable).  It was like a well written script.  It felt like watching WWE where John Cena is fighting against the Russian Russev.

Back to more pressing issues.  FIFA weren't the only guys messing up on a massive scale, our Zimbabwean government have been and continue with their nonsensicals.  Here's an example: Finance Minister Chinamasa said government couldn't afford bonuses for civil servants till 2017 but days later, schoolboy Bob government could and would pay the bonuses.

Another one: government gave a 7 day ultimatum to vendors to get off the streets then with 2 days left to the ultimatum, they have extended the deadline.  Here's a funny one: Teachers will now pay rentals for the houses they stay in at the government schools they teach.  So most probably, the rentals they pay will be the bonuses they get at the end of the year.  Why call it rent?  Why not call it a bonus saving or something.

Before the 31 July 2013 elections, ZANU PF were saying they wanted elections because they were fed up with the bickering in the GNU.  Almost TWO years down the line, factionalism has reared its ugly head.  The bickering is much worse and is getting out of hand.

Lastly, let's have another laugh at Elton Mangoma once revered politician who has fallen by the wayside.  Heard he has formed another party.  It's guys like him that give democracy a bad name.  Democracy doesn't mean going about forming new parties when things dont go our way. 

Democracy means collective decision making.  It's all about consensus.  (Hoping Tsvangirai, Mugabe and Biti will read this)

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Insomnia | Depression | Mental health

It's 0341hrs on Wednesday and I have been awake almost an hour.  I went to bed at 2300hrs on Tuesday which means I have only slept for 3 and half hours. 

Here's the surprising part: a good number of you aren't surprised.  Some of you probably sleep less hours.  I know my insomnia is stress or work related and on good days (which are becoming more frequent) I sleep all the 8 hours.  To some of you however, sleep never comes easy.  That's a sure sign that something is wrong.

I used to endure weeks of sleepless nights and I would burn the candle (when ZESA isn't there) during the night reading anything I could find (from 19th century romance novels to nanotechnology).  It did help to keep the brain busy and away from unending contemplations that yielded nothing.

However, reading or TV watching at 0300hrs is no solution to insomnia.  Instead, it gives the brain an incentive for not resting.  It's like rewarding your dog for digging holes in your yard.  By finding those niceties you give the mind a reason to want to sleep less.  So when I finally figured out that I was perpetuating my sleeplessness, I decided to punish the brain. 

Here's how I did it.  Instead of relaxing during the day, I worked both brain and body to the limit.  At the same time, I created a routine time table that shuts down both brain and the ever distracting gadgets at no later than 2200hrs.  By enforcing a routine, you enforce a habit.  In the early days, the mind acted stubborn; choosing to remain alert for hours.  I guess it was because no incentive came its way that the mind finally began to conform.

It's almost a year now and the routine is working (except for today and few other busy days).  I have become more productive during the day since I now work knowing I only have the daytime to reach my targets and due to adequate sleep, my brain is fresh and more creative during the day.  Also, I managed to discipline my mind.

Why is this important?  Insomnia is related to depression and related mental health problems.  As people sleep less, their mind refreshes less meaning there is a build up of stress.  For a while things seems right before the limit is reached and the mind snaps.  Stress build up leads to depression (the never ending feeling of sadness) and depression when not dealt with, eventually gives way to manic disorders.

So be a champion.  Avoid stress build up.  Get adequate sleep and be the master of your mind.

Why @HOSEzw's #ReallyGood is a game changer

For centuries there have been music composers and great artists.  Some have been relegated to art libraries where only music scholars care about them or at least pretend for the sake of their researches.  Others never made it to the history books.  They had their moments which came and went in a flash.

There are notables however, whose music genius either became the soundtrack for a revolution or whose music resonates with a certain time in world's history.  Some of their works have been honoured and sampled by generations or done as covers in different genres like Reggae, Hip Hop and RnB.  Names like Wolfgang Mozart, van Beethoven, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, BB King, etc are synonymous with a certain era in mankinds' history.  Their names are stuck with us.

Here is how HOSE seeks to be that different.  HOSE will not be making 'music for the moment.'  Instead, the entity will sell a philosophy that seeks to inspire a generation.  HOSE isn't about record sales and Grammys, HOSE is about community.  The entertainment house has a vision for the community.  They do pursue profit as does any business entity but the vision is giving artists the platform to communicate with their communities through melody.

The #ReallyGood music are melodies for the community.  So don't feel let down when you here sounds that are succinctly different from what you hear on radio.  Rejoice if you like this music already for this is the music that will define today's generation.  This is the music that even your daughters and grandsons will sing along to for generations to come.

The #ReallyGood music by HOSE is a legacy to hold on to.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mother's Day | The Kalanga jibe | Boko Haram

In a vain attempt to justify xenophobia, dear RG Mugabe went tribal by
labelling the Kalanga as uneducated. He went deeper by fingering the
tribe as the chief criminals in South Africa. Comment is not only
outlandish but shallow for a man who considers himself a statesman.

Nigerian government 'rescued' more than 200 girls from Boko Haram.
According to sources, the majority of them were pregnant. Abhorrent!
Is society ready to receive them back into the community?
When these girls give birth, who will support them?
Will government set aside a fund that will assist these victims?

On Sunday it Mother's Day. Shout out to all the mothers out there.
HOWEVER, I wish more mothers could access social media. Yes Facebook,
Twitter and WhatsApp can't replace the human touch but it can
strengthen human bonds. At best it keeps mothers 'cool' and in touch
with their kids lifestyles and trends.

#FinoAllaFinale #ReallyGood

Monday, 4 May 2015

#HIFA2015 #IMPmusic | Xenophobia & Nepal

The last few weeks were characterised by lot's of positive activities
which for a time helped us close the negatives out.

HIFA unveiled the first edition of IMPACT, a conference for artists
and players in the art & media industry. The 2-day conference with
hosts including M.anifest & Tehn Diamond proved an eye opener for

Meanwhile, thousands kilometres away in Nepal a devastating earthquake
hit. As it the whole world was at HIFA, emergency response was
pathetically slow and even when HIFA's done, little has been done to
save lives in quake hit Nepal.

Dubbed the 'fight of the century', the Mayweather Pacquiao bout left
many (including Mayweather himself) disappointed at the event. The
fight failed to live up to the billing.

Back to Zimbabwe, only 8% of women & 15% of men access media once a week.

QUESTION: How do we reach out to people when less than 25% of
population have access to conventional media?

#Telecel #ZimASSET #Anarchy | Bloody politicians!

#Telecel #ZimASSET #Anarchy | Bloody politicians!

On 31st July 2015, it will be 2 years since the disputed 2013
plebiscite that overwhelmingly gave ZanuPF a 5-year mandate to
implement the much talked about ZimASSET blueprint.

As of today, Zimbabwe has lost one of 3 mobile operators and the
employees find themselves back on the dreaded job market. Telecel
isn't the only enterprise that's shut down. Tabloids, banks,
manufacturers & miners have capitulated in the hostile economic

Here's the juicy part: Government proposes to have students undergo
'internship' soon after finishing O'Level.
QUESTION: Where & HOW much will they be earning?

Such a policy will open the doors for corporates to exploit these
youngsters. Effectively, these bloody politicians want our young
Zimbabweans enslaved by companies under the guise of nation building.
This move is pretty stupid.

Meanwhile, factionalism continues with no solution in sight. They
have no solutions.

Bloody politicians!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#Anarchy is here!


#Anarchy: The Purge
Inspired by real events

Open Minds Publications is pleased to announce that #Anarchy is here.
The much awaited series will be published on Channillo over 25 weeks
starting from April to September 2015.
The series #Anarchy will premier on channillo.com on 9th April 2015.

#Anarchy: The Purge is a riveting story of a Marata family caught up
in a political storm that threatens to the very existence of a nation.

baJoshua 'Father of Joshua' a war veteran and political activist and
his siblings Tambu (who is physically challenged) and Freedom (a city
councillor very opposed to government) find themselves navigating the
treacherous waters of a deathly political system.

Ably supported by Danny (a rural politician), Lucinda (a struggling
widowed mother of two) and Jechoniah (baJoshua's second son).

Places and events are real but characters are fiction.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Refelction on high school...and why we must keep looking ahead

In 1999, the very year that the MDC was formed, I started my first
year of high school at Kutama College. Though Acknowledged for
academic excellence, Kutama College was my second choice after St.
Ignatius Chishawasha probably because I knew so many people who had
been there before.

It was when I received an acceptance letter (then we didn't have so
much ICT staff) from Kutama College, that my grandfather told me he
had attained his teaching certificate at the mission back in the
1930s. That moment, I felt like I was part of some bigger plan. I
felt as if my grandfather was passing on the button (not to be a
teacher though).

For the next 6 years (pretty much my teenagehood) I was toiling around
the school classrooms and library believing I was part of a bigger
plan. It's 10 years now since I stepped foot on the mission and I am
sure almost everything has changed over the last decade but somehow I
still fill attached to the place.

I do not know whether I got it from Kutama or the school made it
manifest and nurtured it but I am sure that had I not met academic
giants like the schoolmates I had and had I not felt challenged by the
school's legacy and had I not felt pushed to carry on with what my
grandfather started, I wouldn't be feeling the burning urge to
continuously improve.

It's the urge for continuous improvement that keeps any generation of
any nation moving forward. Although we may not achieve success in the
form and manner we wanted, in our quest to do better at whatever we
do, we are guaranteed of breakthroughs and though we may not become
Bill Gates or Strive Masiyiwa, although we may not become geniuses to
the degree of Albert Einstein or Edison Zvobgo, even if we don't
become thought leaders, when we do our best, we leave a mark on this

"...now and forever, tis Kutama, Kutama leading to victory!"

Ittai Bryan
(writes in his own capacity as a former student of Kutama College)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Critical Question: Women's Day #IWD2015 - Are men invited?

I have been fortunate like almost all men to have a grandmother,
mother or aunt, sister or daughter and a girlfriend or wife.

Either way, women are a permanent presence in men's lives and the
reverse is also true. Logically Women's Day should involve men...but
to what extent?

1. By men's very nature, domination is a goal. Wherever men are
involved in decision-making, a power struggle ensues. Are we any good
for women's affairs?

2. Culturally women (especially in Africa) have 'trained' to bow down
to men. They are ready to surrender to men. Will men's presence in
their affairs reverse the progress made?

3. Men dabbling into women's issues. Is it not invading their space
considering we dominate every other sphere in their lives?

4. Aren't men part of the problems facing women? Can they have
honest discussions in our presence?

5. It's almost 20years after Beijing. Why do men still win
elections? Do women hate themselves?


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Birthday bash or a bashing party? #Anarchy

Over the past 10years, they stood together and supported each other.
Their partnership was strong and it looked like the deputy was in line
to succeed her boss. Songs were composed to celebrate the 'team' and
all looked well. Together they resoundingly won an election (rigged
or not rigged) against all expectations.

Then trouble started.

Joice Mujuru now finds herself in the cold and her camp destroyed to
smithereens. She faces arrest and has been denigrated at every public

1. She has secrets enough to damage the party. Why has she kept quiet?

2. Is she going to form another party or has she given up on politics

3. How involved is she in the lawsuit filed by Rugare Gumbo & Didymus
Mutasa or are they fighting in their own corner?

4. Even if she forms a party, does she have enough grassroots support?

5. Who is Mujuru's true nemesis? Is it Mnangagwa, Mugabe or Grace?


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Financial year 2015 first quarter highlights.

F.E.A.R Corporation

Financial year 2015 Q1 highlights.

The Corporation posted positive results. International sales grew by
17% buoyed mainly by entertainment house HOSE. Although business was
significantly slower especially in the month of January, Open Minds
Publications maintained its clientele base.

The FY 2015 Q1 revenue was $26, 150 but due to higher unforeseen
expenditure, the Corporation posted a quarterly net loss of $1, 620.

The entertainment and multi-media house posted positive 5th quarter
results as they establishes on the international market. HOSE is
pursuing international partners to bolster their presence.

Despite slow business, they are engaging 2 partners to conclude a
joint venture. Work on "The Great Disappointment: Anarchy" has begun
in earnest.

GETI, AgroFearo & MBM
Preparations for setting up of GETIShop are at an advanced stage.
AgroFearo is expected to beginning yielding results in the third quarter.
We are still engaging partners to transform MBM from a microfinance
institution into a diversified financial house. MBM will also act as
an investment house.

The FY 2015 outlook remains unchanged despite below expectation Q1
results. We believe business will pick up in Q2 and is expected to
maintain growth till end of financial year.

Board Chair
F.E.A.R Corporation
26 February 2015

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2015 isn't just bad news. "Anarchy" is on the way

Greetings in the New Year 2015.

We are hoping that we find you in the highest of spirits.
2015 looks like a volatile year opening with the unfortunate Charlie
Hebdo shootings in France, intensified attacks by Boko Haram in
Nigeria, and back here home; floods that have left at least 11 people
dead and an estimated 500 homeless.

Seemingly its doom and gloom but there's a vibe of hope and
positivity. As humans we have survived centuries of crisis and harsh
environments. We can do it again this year.

Open Minds Publications will not abort mission. As we speak, work has
already begun on a second offering of The GREAT Disappointment: 31st
The project titled Anarchy is a 3-part literary piece full of intrigue.

Following on the success of the first edition
Anarchy will be in the same style of political drama full of suspense
and intense moments of truth.

So even when outlook isn't bright, OMP brings you something to look up
to. We offer you something to hope for.

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