Friday, 7 November 2014

Zimbabwe's priorities: Public health or congress?

At a time when Ebola is raging in West Africa, and the whole of the
continent is supposed to be on high alert, the 'sovereign' nation of
Zimbabwe has found it prudent to slash junior doctors' salaries and
allowances claiming the government doesn't have money.

Th junior doctors are now on strike which has crippled the already
struggling public health system but instead of looking for funds to
remunerate the doctors (already the lowest paid in the SADC region),
ZANU PF is concentrating on raising funds for their December congress.

Several questions come to mind.

1. Does the current government even care about the people or they
just can't stick to their priorities?

2. When doctors in public health system are on strike, people are
forced to consult private clinics at exorbitant costs. Have they not
unwittingly commercialized the health sector?

3. How does government hope to retain these critical skills if they
do not seem to care about them? Is there anyone else to blame but
the government when doctors either turn to private practise or skip
the borders?

4. If Raising a million dollars at a fundraising dinner for a mere
political congress is possible, why hasn't government tried it for the
health sector or Ebola awareness? How prepared are we for Ebola?

5. To The corporates or individuals who raised the US$1 million,
what's stopping them from creating a resource mobilization team to
help resuscitate the dying health system?

In all this we question: The ailing health sector is it government's
failure to raise funds or failure to stick to priorities?

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