Monday, 13 October 2014

zimbabwe: The need for decent housing

Harare like any other urban center in Zimbabwe has a housing backlog.
The rate of Rural-to-urban migration and the high birth rate in urban
setups has for decades outmatched upgrades and development of
residential stands.

Many city dwellers desperate to have a place to call home have fallen
prey to bogus cooperatives, corrupt councillors and politicians who
now use the issue of housing as political bait.

As a result, city council by-laws have been flouted, people have been
allocated stands in places reserved for construction of schools,
hospitals and shopping centers.
It gets worse when they are allocated in wetlands and woodlots doing
damage to the environment.

Inasmuch as we would like to call it 'correcting the wrongs', the
demolition of houses in Chitungiwza and Epworth is a wrong in itself.

Several questions can be asked:

1. Where was the minister and his ministry when these houses were
sprouting in 'undesignated' places?

2. Has there been a law of mechanism put in place to make sure such
things will not happen again?

3. These residents were allocated the stands by land barons and
cooperatives, what is being done to punish the land barons?

4. Further to that, has there been set up a facility so that all those
who were duped by these barons get their money back or get

5. Is the ministry providing temporary alternative accommodation for
the victims of this Murambatsvina?

6. Last but not least, since politicians are involved, how is the
ministry making sure these illegal demolitions are but a way to punish
opposition political activists?

It is prudent to say that, until the minister and his ministry have
answered these questions to the satisfaction of the public, THE

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