Friday, 10 October 2014

The Zimbabwean men: Conservative or hypocritical?

I happened to be covering the MiniSkirt March organised by Katswe
Sistahood. The march was not about wearing miniskirts but about
people reclaiming their freedom to be.

It was at Town House that I witnessed men turn to animals.
It started with a few men (and some women) who were hurling insults,
shouting profanities at the women.
The crowd grew and the anti-MiniSkirt chants grew louder disrupting
the proceedings.

The happenings raised several questions:

1. How does a man get offended by someone walking in a miniskirt?

2. Aren't the anti-miniskirt men the very people that are abandoning
their wives for young miniskirt-clad girls?

3. With all the noise they made; the men could take no further action.
Not that I wanted them to beat up the women but have Zimbabwean men
become so useless that they can only shout and do nothing?

4. Katswe Sistahood is a women's organization championing women's
rights and taking action on women's issues. If the men really don't
like miniskirts, why not join men's organizations and advocate for
men's rights? Who is stopping them?

5. The crowd that swelled around Town House. What do these people do
that they find time to go chant obscenities for hours. Could it be a
case of unemployed men (and some women) seeking to vent their anger
and frustration on someone? Was it really about the miniskirt or an
inner hurt manifesting?

Having observed this, I am left with one question: Are Zimbabwean men
conservative, hypocritical or just confused?

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