Friday, 24 October 2014

The political circus that will never solve a problem.

After the 31st July 2013 fiasco the ruling party having been in power
for over 3 decades, looked invincible and seemingly united.

Only 15 months after the disputed plebiscite, ZANU PF has not only
failed the nation but has failed itself. The party is on the brink of
collapse and the leader Robert Mugabe has evidently lost control.
This have been made worse by the unexpected entry of his wife Grace.

The events of the past 2 weeks have raised several questions as to the
direction we are taking as a nation.

1. The so called 'Meet The People' rallies were evidently costly.
Who was footing the bills? Of what benefit were they to the citizens
since Grace holds no public office in government?

2. The economy continues to fail but that has been washed under the
carpet. Even the so called independent media has been caught up in
the frenzy, cheering from the sidelines. ZANU PF lost focus a long
time ago. Aren't we doing the same?

3. Where are the alternatives? It seems the other parties are also
in a lull. They only surface to comment on the drama going on in the
ruling party they (opposition) are yet to take any action to remedy
the situation. Is the opposition movement still viable or should
people just forget about politics altogether?

4. There accusations and counter accusations about corruption and
rent-seeking but there's hardly an arrest or investigation going on.
Why are these clowns reluctant to take any action? Isn't this
evidence that all are guilty and all belong to Chikurubi prison?

5. With the useless war intensifying and the pugilists proving more
stupid by the day, who will intervene? No sister country has offered
to mediate so who will? Are these losers setting us up for a coup?
It's most likely that the securocrats have an interest.

How will this circus end? Who will be the casualties other than the
people of Zimbabwe who bear the brunt of a failed economy? How will
WE the people bring sanity back into our failed political system?

Monday, 13 October 2014

zimbabwe: The need for decent housing

Harare like any other urban center in Zimbabwe has a housing backlog.
The rate of Rural-to-urban migration and the high birth rate in urban
setups has for decades outmatched upgrades and development of
residential stands.

Many city dwellers desperate to have a place to call home have fallen
prey to bogus cooperatives, corrupt councillors and politicians who
now use the issue of housing as political bait.

As a result, city council by-laws have been flouted, people have been
allocated stands in places reserved for construction of schools,
hospitals and shopping centers.
It gets worse when they are allocated in wetlands and woodlots doing
damage to the environment.

Inasmuch as we would like to call it 'correcting the wrongs', the
demolition of houses in Chitungiwza and Epworth is a wrong in itself.

Several questions can be asked:

1. Where was the minister and his ministry when these houses were
sprouting in 'undesignated' places?

2. Has there been a law of mechanism put in place to make sure such
things will not happen again?

3. These residents were allocated the stands by land barons and
cooperatives, what is being done to punish the land barons?

4. Further to that, has there been set up a facility so that all those
who were duped by these barons get their money back or get

5. Is the ministry providing temporary alternative accommodation for
the victims of this Murambatsvina?

6. Last but not least, since politicians are involved, how is the
ministry making sure these illegal demolitions are but a way to punish
opposition political activists?

It is prudent to say that, until the minister and his ministry have
answered these questions to the satisfaction of the public, THE

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Zimbabwean men: Conservative or hypocritical?

I happened to be covering the MiniSkirt March organised by Katswe
Sistahood. The march was not about wearing miniskirts but about
people reclaiming their freedom to be.

It was at Town House that I witnessed men turn to animals.
It started with a few men (and some women) who were hurling insults,
shouting profanities at the women.
The crowd grew and the anti-MiniSkirt chants grew louder disrupting
the proceedings.

The happenings raised several questions:

1. How does a man get offended by someone walking in a miniskirt?

2. Aren't the anti-miniskirt men the very people that are abandoning
their wives for young miniskirt-clad girls?

3. With all the noise they made; the men could take no further action.
Not that I wanted them to beat up the women but have Zimbabwean men
become so useless that they can only shout and do nothing?

4. Katswe Sistahood is a women's organization championing women's
rights and taking action on women's issues. If the men really don't
like miniskirts, why not join men's organizations and advocate for
men's rights? Who is stopping them?

5. The crowd that swelled around Town House. What do these people do
that they find time to go chant obscenities for hours. Could it be a
case of unemployed men (and some women) seeking to vent their anger
and frustration on someone? Was it really about the miniskirt or an
inner hurt manifesting?

Having observed this, I am left with one question: Are Zimbabwean men
conservative, hypocritical or just confused?

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