Friday, 22 August 2014

Sad times to be a journalist

We have watched in awe at the beheading of American journalist James
Foley that was circulated through social media.

We were also stunned to learn that in little town Ferguson, Missouri,
the police were arresting journalist who were covering the protests
sparked by the cold blooded murder of a teenager by police.

At the same time in the horn of Africa, Zone 9 Bloggers were being
brought for trial on frivolous charges. The real reason for their
arrest we are aware is they were exposing government wrongs.

In our very city, Harare, police went about brutalising MDC youths who
were holding a peaceful march in demand for the promised jobs.
A photo journalist Angela Jimu who was covering the event was not
spared. She was severely assaulted by the rogue police before they
arrested her (for doing her job).

It's when we consider these events happened all in one week that we
begin to appreciate the challenges faced by media personnel across the

We urge governments to give the media their deserved space and rights
in their endeavour to inform the 7billion plus citizens of the world.

Open Minds Publications

member of
F.E.A.R Corporation

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