Thursday, 10 July 2014

You think Brazil was a disappointment? Here's a GREATer Disappointment. [20days] to go.

From a comfy couch surrounded by friends, we watched as the Germans
destroyed Brazil.
When the World Cup started, I was supporting Italy, the team full of
promise but never deliverying (blame it on Balotelli).

This time I watched as a neutral as Brazil fell in a record breaking 7
- 1 defeat.
It was disappointment for the host nation and my friends who are crazy
about Neymar.

What the Brazilian nation felt, is nowhere compared to what felt on 31st July.
Just as the Brazilians expected a close contest, we in Zimbabwe were
expecting to take the plebiscite to the wire.

Brazilians will mark the day of their defeat and use it as a reminder
that football is for everyone. Nobody will die or starve because
Brazil lost in a semi-final but they will move on and start afresh.
That's unlike us.

31st July 2013 was a disappointment and a year later we are still
feeling the disappointment.
Inflation has turned into deflation, forcing companies to shut down
people losing jobs in the process.
Corruption continues unabated yet they claim we have an
anti-corruption commission.
Power cuts, burst sewer systems, etc are characteristic of Zimbabwe a
year after an election.

We are more than contestants and the electorate, we are human and we
feel the pain our politics goes bad.

Coming on 31st July

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