Monday, 7 July 2014

Don't lose hope. Here's something to hope for

From the disappointing tales of catching #BabaJukwa through the
unresolved #salarygate scandal, the failed #ZimAsset and growing
hardships, it is easy to want to give up and lose hope.

But wait up because the Open Minds Publications in conjunction with an Amazon affiliate bring you something brand new this
31st July.

Be very excited to be part of the new and innovative movement that is
out to restore hope and restore dignity in the ordinary people.
Forget the disappointment, forget the losses, forget the company
closures, forget the scandals;
loot at the future.
We are human and created not only to fail but to learn from our failures.
Join us on this new path as we learn from our failure.
Come with us on this new and exciting adventure where we explore our
humanity without regrets.

The GREAT Disappointment: 31st July available in kindle and paperback format.

Coming soon.

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