Thursday, 31 July 2014

31st July launch #TheGD31July

A year ago, the Zimbabwean people from all walks of lives (except the
diasporans and youth who were denied the chance) queued up at
thousands of polling stations as early as 0400hrs.

The sole aim was to cast the ballot that would determine the nation's
future 5 years.
The did was done amid a general perception that Zimbabwe was ready for change.

A year later, we still carry that perception and we still believe in
change but we are faced with the reality that change has evaded us.
The 31st July vote of 2013 was supposedly nikuved and stolen right
from under our nose.
However, this plebiscite was a culmination of a series of events and
political manoeuvres by individuals and families that found themselves
entangled in politics.

It is these hidden personal stories that are yet to be told.

As Open Minds Publications, however, we went beyond the polling
station to unearth these hidden stories that led to this

After almost a year, we present to you Zimbabwe's story in a
fast-paced drama highlighting how a family and their associates went
about life in the lead to 31st July.

We present to you the Marata family of baJoshua and his siblings
Tambu, Freedom, Janet, and Tom forming alliances with Danny an family
friend and aspiring MP.
We will also explain why Lucinda a widowed mother of 2 with no
interest in politics suddenly becomes an activist.
We will understand why Joshua Jnr a youth once enthusiastic about
politics, begins to shy away.

#TheGD31July is here


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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