Friday, 6 June 2014

Review: The Great Disappointment: 31st July

A take on the characters.

Freedom is a youthful political activist who wishes for change of government.

His elder brother baJoshua is a war veteran and a dedicated cadre to
the old guard. He sees change as recolonisation.

Their sister Janet suffers politics as her banker husband dabbles into
politics at the most dangerous time. She fears losing her husband and
seeing her family fall apart.

Joshua is a youth who has been used to perpetrate violence, kill and
plunder in the name of politicians and gained nothing out of it. He
doesn't want it anymore but they keep pressuring him into rejoining

Tambu is a bitter man. Having lost his lower body in politics and
never getting anything as compensation, the wheelchair bound war
veteran seeks to avenge his betrayal by escalating tension.

Widowed, single mother of 2 and HIV Lucinda struggles to make ends
meet in a society where not only politics dominates but which is also

Danny is a political opportunist who uses his money to influence local
politics in his own party and sway the opinions of the party
leadership. He doesn't want to sacrifice a single thing but in the
process to seek election into the House of Assembly, he loses half of
his wealth.

These are the people who feel and have to deal with the disappointment
of July 31st.

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