Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Forget the Great Disappointment. PayPal is here!

We received with jubilation the great news that PayPal is now
available to Zimbabwe.
If you missed it, you were probably being bombarded with news of
catching Baba Jukwa added to the fact that Zimbabwe has entered
deflationary period.

We at Open Minds Publications have not strayed from our mission to
seek and share the positives for our nation. With the release date of
The Great Disappointment: 31st July fast approaching we are exploring
every option to make the most out of our first literary publication.

You probably feel we are digressing but no we are just happy that
PayPal is here.
We have reason to as it opens a gate for us to eBay, Amazon, Kindle
and CreateSpace our publishing partners on The Great Disappointment:
31st July.

Firstly, PayPal offers security as the credit card number is not
revealed. It means a hacker will have a harder task accessing account
information as compared to direct use of credit card details.

PayPal offers flexibilty, as one can set up multiple bank accounts,
debit or credit cards in one's defined order. There's no shock or
embarrassment of finding you have run out of credit.

The biggest reason that we at Open Minds Publications
[ibmatteu.blogspot.com] celebrate is that it makes buying and selling
online easy by creating a direct conduit for money transfer across the
globe. Anyone anywhere can buy The Great Disappointment: 31st July

We are also happy that we now can sell and participate in online
auctions like eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, etc with ease. In that way, we
can access the tools necessary in our business whilst also tapping
into the global market selling our wares.

PayPal offers discounts from selected retailers and marketers like
Wal-Mart, Nike, HP which makes it convenient to purchase high quality
goods at affordable prices.

Lastly, PayPal is a low cost money transfer system. Sick of high
annual membership fees, processing fees and service charges at other
financial institutions? Try PayPal.

We are happy therefore that PayPal's coming coincides with our launch
of The Great Disappointment: 31st July.
e-commerce is Zimbabwe's future.

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