Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Forget the Great Disappointment. PayPal is here!

We received with jubilation the great news that PayPal is now
available to Zimbabwe.
If you missed it, you were probably being bombarded with news of
catching Baba Jukwa added to the fact that Zimbabwe has entered
deflationary period.

We at Open Minds Publications have not strayed from our mission to
seek and share the positives for our nation. With the release date of
The Great Disappointment: 31st July fast approaching we are exploring
every option to make the most out of our first literary publication.

You probably feel we are digressing but no we are just happy that
PayPal is here.
We have reason to as it opens a gate for us to eBay, Amazon, Kindle
and CreateSpace our publishing partners on The Great Disappointment:
31st July.

Firstly, PayPal offers security as the credit card number is not
revealed. It means a hacker will have a harder task accessing account
information as compared to direct use of credit card details.

PayPal offers flexibilty, as one can set up multiple bank accounts,
debit or credit cards in one's defined order. There's no shock or
embarrassment of finding you have run out of credit.

The biggest reason that we at Open Minds Publications
[ibmatteu.blogspot.com] celebrate is that it makes buying and selling
online easy by creating a direct conduit for money transfer across the
globe. Anyone anywhere can buy The Great Disappointment: 31st July

We are also happy that we now can sell and participate in online
auctions like eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, etc with ease. In that way, we
can access the tools necessary in our business whilst also tapping
into the global market selling our wares.

PayPal offers discounts from selected retailers and marketers like
Wal-Mart, Nike, HP which makes it convenient to purchase high quality
goods at affordable prices.

Lastly, PayPal is a low cost money transfer system. Sick of high
annual membership fees, processing fees and service charges at other
financial institutions? Try PayPal.

We are happy therefore that PayPal's coming coincides with our launch
of The Great Disappointment: 31st July.
e-commerce is Zimbabwe's future.

Monday, 9 June 2014

The GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT: 31st JULY - A look at The people's aspirations.

Dreams of a new nation that is full of opportunities for all. He
believes in a $100bn economy where everyone is prospering.
He seeks to undo the political rot in existence and replace it with a
transparent, tolerant and democratic governance system.
He wishes to see a nation where education has meaning and is affordable.

Pins her hopes on the success of her children. The widow believes all
her suffering will end when her children through education rise to the
higher offices of the land.
She years for freedom from politics in a nation where everything is
seen through political eyes.
She also wants government to shoulder the challenges that widows and
the HIV face.

Aspires for an opportunity to be himself. Tired of having a father
(baJoshua) and a community of elders who are used to dictating to the
young, Joshua wishes to prove himself by following his own path.
He prays for peace in his father's polygamy marriage, peace in the
community and the rest of the nation.
Penniless and broke as are the majority of youths, he wants government
to avail funds so the youth can start income generating projects.

The housewife is suffering insecurity. Her ambition is to see her
family united. She seeks to regain control of her husband and his
assurance that he will never leave her.
Janet also vouchs for a return to her days of youth when her siblings
were not yet divided by politics. She wants the political fanaticism
to stop.

He lives a retrospective life wishing he could turn back the hands of time.
He wants to be self reliant and not be seen as a burden by his family.
He wants to make Lucinda happy and make up for the disappointment he
caused her when he went for the Chimurenga war.

He wants full indigenisation and total black rule. He wishes Zimbabwe
will rise above the western countries and conquer.
He also believes the opposition must be eliminated so that everyone
including his brother Freedom will return to Zanu PF.
He prays that his son Joshua sees reason and returns to listen to him.

Danny wants nothing more than to make money and transform his community.
His opportunism and entrepreneurial genius has seen him soar high in
the community but he feels he needs to do more.
He's fed up with the lack of progress in the area and wants to change
the political culture to allow more progressive people into leadership

Will these people's aspirations be fulfilled? Is it what the GREAT

Friday, 6 June 2014

Review: The Great Disappointment: 31st July

A take on the characters.

Freedom is a youthful political activist who wishes for change of government.

His elder brother baJoshua is a war veteran and a dedicated cadre to
the old guard. He sees change as recolonisation.

Their sister Janet suffers politics as her banker husband dabbles into
politics at the most dangerous time. She fears losing her husband and
seeing her family fall apart.

Joshua is a youth who has been used to perpetrate violence, kill and
plunder in the name of politicians and gained nothing out of it. He
doesn't want it anymore but they keep pressuring him into rejoining

Tambu is a bitter man. Having lost his lower body in politics and
never getting anything as compensation, the wheelchair bound war
veteran seeks to avenge his betrayal by escalating tension.

Widowed, single mother of 2 and HIV Lucinda struggles to make ends
meet in a society where not only politics dominates but which is also

Danny is a political opportunist who uses his money to influence local
politics in his own party and sway the opinions of the party
leadership. He doesn't want to sacrifice a single thing but in the
process to seek election into the House of Assembly, he loses half of
his wealth.

These are the people who feel and have to deal with the disappointment
of July 31st.

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