Tuesday, 6 May 2014

You just have to stand up and challenge the status quo

Learn to challenge the status quo
First, we try to explain what the comfort zone is by differentiating it from the growth zone and the panic zone.  These three zones can be further broken down to different stages and phases that one grows through in their lives.

Stop panicking
You know the feeling when you suddenly realize that you are not prepared for the exam that you are just about to write.  The feeling that hits you when you suddenly realize that the deadline for a certain project is already due.  Or when you wake up to the reality that you are 50km away from the airport and your scheduled flight is just 10 minutes away.  It is when you feel you are over your head.  When you try anything that comes to mind.  In the panic zone, there is no planning, its random actions culminating from random thoughts. You are just trying to survive.  Trying to keep your head above the water.  You are never sure of what you are doing and any piece of advice you get can turn you around.

In the Comfort zone?
You are probably in that zone already.  The majority of people are trapped in this zone and they do not realize it.  You wake up take a shower, breakfast, get to work then return home to watch the news then go to bed.  Sounds like the dream life.  No hassle and no worries, right?  That is because you are in the comfort zone.  You are not growing, you are not moving, and you are stagnant.  You are living the ordinary life that will never change anything.  You are no game changer.  You are just there.  You are what women call, “safe.” Would the world change if everyone lived like you do?  You need to step up your game.

What happens in the Growth zone?
It is when you feel the tension between what you are currently doing and what you are capable of doing.  It is when you realize you are a master in different disciplines but despite the potential, you are not moving.  You look at the many amazing things you can do and yet you just cannot seem to get to do it.  You feel suffocated, right.  Let us see how you can pick up your game.

1.       Start small
Start with baby steps.  Yes dream big but make practical plans.
Have clear intentions.  You do not want to seem like a drunk, moving in a zigzag.  You want to get somewhere so start by pinpointing that somewhere.  Have an end game.
Do not be hasty.  Be content with gradual change.  It is easier when it is slow but quite a hassle when it is rapid.  Chew only what you can. 

2.       Understand that it is ok to fail.
Do not be afraid of failure.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Fear is one passion that renders you either hopeless and demotivate you or triggers the panic mode.  Let yourself fail.  Most inventors and achievers had to fail before they got it right.
It is the fear that will prohibit you from venturing into the uncharted territory.  To that effect, take the leap of faith.  Ignore the fear; just friggin do it.

3.       Have faith and confidence.
Use past experiences as evidence that you can succeed on any mission you set out to fulfil.  You went to school without the faintest idea what the Avogadro constant was yet by end of school you knew how to use it in your calculations.  The Avogadro constant was then an uncharted territory that you ventured into and conquered.  You met your lover as a stranger but today you celebrate years of togetherness.  However unfamiliar the territory seems, remember you can succeed.
You possess the ability to learn new skills and adapt to changing environments.
Stretch yourself to the limit.  It is hard to break out of the comfort zone when you are always second-guessing yourself.

There you have it.  Whatever venture you have in mind, whatever idea you want to act out.  Do it right now.  Time waits for no one.  You are agitated at the way things are and you feel you can do something to change the status quo?  Why wait?  Start now. 

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