Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Great Disappointment: 31st July

THE GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT: 31st JULY is illustrative of a nation in despair. 
It's about a nation with so much potential yet failing in every aspect. From bungled elections to corruption, general lawlessness, lack of accountability & transparency, economic collapse to human rights violations, intimidation and outright violence and terror to an ailing leadership.

The book illustrates the lives of youth in an era where they are viewed as worth nothing more than what the elders say. It explores youth unemployment, drug abuse, manipulation by politicians and finally their resolve to cross the borders in search of better lives.

The piece dissects society to highlight the plight of long forgotten war veterans, those with physical challenges and many who were maimed during the war of liberation. The publication brings to focus how the people have been left out in national socio-economic programs. They are viewed with pity and seen as invalids and burdens.

The book also brings to the fore, the lives of married women who are kept in the dark pertaining their husbands' activities. It highlights mistrust and insecurity in modern marriages. It also explore the plight of people living with HIV and widowed women who have to fend for themselves with minimal assistance from society or government.

In closing, the book highlights the disconnect between the young and the old, urbanites and the rural folk, the rich and the poor, how leaders are bent on formenting hatred and division in order to survive.

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