Sunday, 25 May 2014

Africa Day Speech

Africa is home to a population approximately 1 billion people
celebrates togetherness on this day of 25 May.
We at F.E.A.R Corporation congratulate the 'nation of Africa' with her
diverse cultures, languages and races.

Africa is continent of great promise and immense potential and is
viewed as "the continent of the future."
We value Africa not only as a market and source of resources but as
our home: Our Mother Continent.

We are aware of the challenges facing the continent;

(a) shaky democracies in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Sudan, etc

(b) growing religious extremism and terrorism in Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, etc.

(c) hunger, droughts and famine in Chad, Mali, Ethiopia, etc.

(d) the scourge of HIV across Southern Africa.

(e) non communicable diseases that threaten the whole continent,

(f) corruption, lack of transparency and accountability that is
shortchanging the hardworking sons and daughters of the continent,

(g) unnecessary conflicts, civil strife and violent elections, etc.

We call upon the people of Africa and their leadership to rise up to
these tribulations and try to create a community strong and resilient.
We urge Africa to join us in our mission as F.E.A.R Corporation to campaign for;

(i) continental anti-graft body

(ii) institution of a continental court of arbitration, human rights, etc.

(iii) the vision of One-Language-Africa to unite the continent.

With these, we will be able to spur our continent to prosperity.

Congratulations Africa. Our Motherland.

Board Chairperson

F.E.A.R Corporation
Technovation | Creativity | Charity

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