Monday, 28 April 2014

Don't wait to be taught everything

From SEO, to programmer, techy to geek or the ordinary youth. The majority of them are self taught: you don't always have to be taught things. I am a trained mechanical Design Engineer but I do more than that not because I have a special gift but because I have embraced the reality that just like you I am not born with one talent or skill.

You have more potential than you realise. Challenge yourself and rise. You will never know who you are until you put yourself out there and try new things. When you realise that the Manchester City Football club manager Manuel Pellegrini is an engineer by training, it should arouse in you the sense that you are worth more than what you been taught. Yes, you were taught to do mathematics, or linguistics or dance but there is more to that. Many university graduates in Zimbabwe, wake up to the reality of joblessness then turn to teaching. Who taught them pedagogy? It's self taught or what others call adapting.

Learn to be an adapter. Learn to solve your problems without creating problems for others. Teach yourself to:
1. Challenge the status quo - don't be a disciple of the movement. Don't just follow the wind, walk in your own direction. When everyone is settling for the lower end and accepting whatever they are getting from their primitive lives, chart a new way forward. It's difficult but it's doable. We have examples throughout history of people that went against the tide. In Zimbabwe, Strive Masiyiwa challenged government in a 5 year long legal wrangle and today, he is the nation's clean billionaire. Malcom X stood against racial discrimination in America and though it took his life, his name stands in history. You too can change the status quo if you stand up to it.

2. Maintain an open mind - Shockingly, the majority of youths don't acknowledge their youthfulness. Youth means potential, agility and the ability to learn new things faster. You are have an ability that 50 year old company CEOs wish they still had. Maintain an open mind and learn as much as you can as fast as you can. Keep an alert mind and be ready to share and teach what you have. You can't change your life unless you are willing to learn how to and you can't change your community until you share with them what you have. You can only use what you have to move the world. Grasp every concept that comes your way and everything that's relevant to your life.

3. Try yourself in everything - Don't limit yourself. Don't let someone or your limitations stop you from trying. You have the right to try music, art, engineering, politics, religion, sport, etc. You can do it. Never mind the criticism. Michael Jackson was criticised, Oliver Mutukudzi has critics, you even made fun of your teacher in high school. As ordinary as you are right now, there are people critising you and making fun of your 'little' life. So why let them critize the 'little' you have when you can achieve more and make them talk about you for the rest of their lives.

You have the energy, zest and enthusiasm. Don't limit yourself. Why settle for less. Use the energy you have to change your community. 

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