Monday, 13 January 2014

Talk of a new start in 2014

A new start has nothing to do with the calendar. Yes timing is
important but life doesn't follow rigid timelines. Times is just but
one factor in life metamorphosis or transformation.

On the basis of time, the probability was high that Mugabe at 89 would
win the July 31st plebiscite but it happened due to other
On the basis of time, Kenya's First Grader looked silly in trying
school at 80 but he became a hero due to other circumstances.
On the basis of time, maize crops don't yield in less than 90 days but
due to circumstances its possible.

So what are the other circumstances that make what is deemed
impossible very possible.

1. You
you have talents and an attitude.
You need a positive attitude and a willingness to sacrifice.
"Success is measured by how much you had to give up in order to get it"
Change your attitude from the 'victim waiting for deliverance' to the
'victor wanting to deliver others'
Explore your talents. Stretch yourself to the limit. The earlier you
know your capabilities and limitations, the earlier you start making
logical and realistic goals towards success.

2. Position

Your position is also a determining factor on how far you go.
Position yourself strategically for maximum returns.
Put yourself where you want to be.
Don't wait for others to push you there.
Your position determines who comes to you and who leaves.
Your position is your rendezvous.
Selling tomatoes? Go where they are needed.
In the marketing business, go where prospective clients frequent.
Want to sell football jerseys, go to sports diners and football stadiums.

3. Resources (What's available to you)

What's available is what you have and what you access.
You have yourself, colleagues, capital and most importantly an idea.
Your IDEA and a conviction that it will work matters the most. In
religion they call it faith.
Sometimes you don't have enough or you don't have all the necessary
Devise a PLAN to get what's necessary or work with others in resource

4. Environment

Read the environment.
A good idea, plenty resources, your talent, and good positioning all
fall to not when the environment isn't right.
You can control the micro-environment but have very little influence
on the macro-environment.

Change what you can change and adapt to what you can't change.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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