Sunday, 26 January 2014

Part 3 of 3 Let's learn how to make money online by creating relevant and original content.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO (i) Creating a competitive
search friendly title
The title must be short and descriptive usually 3 - 7 words.
The title must address a subject, eg. "Is Miley Cyrus losing her mind?"
The title must contain keywords not already overused online. (avoid
words like marketing, money, business, etc)
Use utilities and tools like Google AdWords keyword planner & Google
Trends to explore for high potential titles.

(ii) Good keywords
There should be no exact matches for that keyword 1st three non ad
results when you search your keyword online.
There should be no single top search of your keyword that covers
content on a subject entirely.
Your hub must be superior to the current top results.

Creating original and relevant content that benefits society.

Good content written by someone possessing genuine passion or
expertise has the following characteristics;
- it's detailed and in-depth, - it's full of
original images and media,
- reinforced with insider tips that aren't found elsewhere online,
- made even more useful with links to a myriad of obscure
resources on the subject that may be hard to find.

Creating relevant and original content is easy if you are honest with yourself.
Find a niche that you are good at and focus on that niche.
You can't please or cater for everyone but you can focus on what you
feel needs attention (marital problems, inequality, health system in
impoverished areas, etc)
To know what's important to you, figure out what you are sensitive to
(what raises your emotions)

Do your research about that field. Socialize and ask people, don't assume.
Study situations from your field perspective and keep notes. [a
Christian pastor interrupts joblessness differently from a socialist

Be observant.
Identify what is wrong in your niche then use your imagination,
innovation and creativity to come up with solutions.
Be open to criticism and suggestions. Look for feedback. Subscribe to
other blogs in your industry to keep in touch of trends and new ideas.
Every article has something new to learn.

As a blogger you are no different from GMC, BMW, Fox or BSkyB, Versace
or Levi Strauss.
They value feedback and they respond to it.
Use pictures, videos, audio and graphics to keep your readers interested.
Sharpen your writing and your grammar ( don't want to watch movie with
misspelled subtitles). Make sure your work is perfect before you

Include your personal experiences and personality (but don't be too
much of a selfie) on the lives of other people as examples to
illustrate your points.

Now we have completed the basic part. We are moving to content
marketing. However, this topic will be taken over by
Technology Initiative Africa on


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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