Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lets learn how to make money online by being original & relevant

For a good 20 minutes you will have to read this in cemetery silence.
You will find this article both depressing and uplifting just like real life.

Your girlfriend dumped you?
Too bad it happened to me also but though it hurt, I moved on (move on)
Now replace 'girlfriend' with the one person you will never want to
let go (imagine that person has left you).
The feeling you have now is the same feeling you have when you are broke.
Meaning? You love money.
If you don't have it, I will teach you how to make it or you will die
feeling like you've just been dumped.

I have read blogs on pinterest.com, even stories on storify.com,
researched articles on hubspot.com, subscribe to certain writers on
wordpress.com and I enjoyed the very refreshing and insightful works
which I shared on Facebook.com, twitter.com & plus.google.com
oblivious that I was helping others make money.

These days, your creativity earns you extra money in your pocket.
It takes real expertise and great marketing skills to make enough
money to survive on [go on a date, barbershop, buy concert tickets or
get a new tattoo]
It all depends on you and how you dread 'dumped guy' feeling.

Lets start: in this January, WE will learn
1. How to create a blog or website,
2. How to direct traffic to your site,
3. Search Engine Optimization, SEO
4. How to write or create good, relevant and marketable content.

If you already know this, then contribute and share with us as we
embark on a journey to give people the real empowerment (not
Zimbabwe's Indigenisation experiment)
You aren't a guinea pig, you are human and you deserve the honour and respect.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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