Sunday, 26 January 2014

Part 3 of 3 Let's learn how to make money online by creating relevant and original content.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO (i) Creating a competitive
search friendly title
The title must be short and descriptive usually 3 - 7 words.
The title must address a subject, eg. "Is Miley Cyrus losing her mind?"
The title must contain keywords not already overused online. (avoid
words like marketing, money, business, etc)
Use utilities and tools like Google AdWords keyword planner & Google
Trends to explore for high potential titles.

(ii) Good keywords
There should be no exact matches for that keyword 1st three non ad
results when you search your keyword online.
There should be no single top search of your keyword that covers
content on a subject entirely.
Your hub must be superior to the current top results.

Creating original and relevant content that benefits society.

Good content written by someone possessing genuine passion or
expertise has the following characteristics;
- it's detailed and in-depth, - it's full of
original images and media,
- reinforced with insider tips that aren't found elsewhere online,
- made even more useful with links to a myriad of obscure
resources on the subject that may be hard to find.

Creating relevant and original content is easy if you are honest with yourself.
Find a niche that you are good at and focus on that niche.
You can't please or cater for everyone but you can focus on what you
feel needs attention (marital problems, inequality, health system in
impoverished areas, etc)
To know what's important to you, figure out what you are sensitive to
(what raises your emotions)

Do your research about that field. Socialize and ask people, don't assume.
Study situations from your field perspective and keep notes. [a
Christian pastor interrupts joblessness differently from a socialist

Be observant.
Identify what is wrong in your niche then use your imagination,
innovation and creativity to come up with solutions.
Be open to criticism and suggestions. Look for feedback. Subscribe to
other blogs in your industry to keep in touch of trends and new ideas.
Every article has something new to learn.

As a blogger you are no different from GMC, BMW, Fox or BSkyB, Versace
or Levi Strauss.
They value feedback and they respond to it.
Use pictures, videos, audio and graphics to keep your readers interested.
Sharpen your writing and your grammar ( don't want to watch movie with
misspelled subtitles). Make sure your work is perfect before you

Include your personal experiences and personality (but don't be too
much of a selfie) on the lives of other people as examples to
illustrate your points.

Now we have completed the basic part. We are moving to content
marketing. However, this topic will be taken over by
Technology Initiative Africa on


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Part 2 of 3: Let's learn how to make money online with original & relevant content.

1. We start by creating a blog or website.
When learning something new keep 2 questions in mind: Why? & How?
Before we create the blog or site we need some brainstorming;
(i) what's the name of the blog or site?
(ii) catch phrase & description of the blog or site
(iii) what's the focus of the blog or site?

Armed with your ideas? Let's go online now.

It's easier if we try the established platforms where the instructions
are easy to follow;

Go to one of th sites and sign up to create an account.
Go to blog Follow the instructions & create a blog.

Congratulations you are now a blogger.

You can create one if you are good at web design (then why are you
reading this blog?)
Most people hire web designers who also host & maintain the site
(C2media) for a fee.

You have greater control over your site than with a blog but your site
is vulnerable to cyber malpractices like hacking.

2. How do we direct traffic to the blog or site?

Share on twitter, @ibmatteu , Facebook, YouTube, pinterest,
Google+, reddit, stumbleupon, linkedin, vine, instagram, MySpace.
Create an email list & attach to every post you make.
Comment on other blogs & sites in your niche and participate
in forums leaving intelligent comments (quality over quantity)
Offer to guest post to popular blogs in your niche & include
a link back to your site in your author bio.
Optimise for search engines by including key words that
people look for (messi, money, video)
Write magazine articles. Submit a query to magazines in your industry
Mention influential persons in your articles (Obama, Kerry
Washington, Malala Yousafzai, Ussain Bolt)
Submit your link to reddit and create a slideshare.

Try this gain practise. Challenge yourself, see how many how many
people will visit your site in the first week.

In part 3 we will learn Search Engine Optimization, SEO & How to
create good original relevant content that benefits society.

Hold on to this for now.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lets learn how to make money online by being original & relevant

For a good 20 minutes you will have to read this in cemetery silence.
You will find this article both depressing and uplifting just like real life.

Your girlfriend dumped you?
Too bad it happened to me also but though it hurt, I moved on (move on)
Now replace 'girlfriend' with the one person you will never want to
let go (imagine that person has left you).
The feeling you have now is the same feeling you have when you are broke.
Meaning? You love money.
If you don't have it, I will teach you how to make it or you will die
feeling like you've just been dumped.

I have read blogs on, even stories on,
researched articles on, subscribe to certain writers on and I enjoyed the very refreshing and insightful works
which I shared on, &
oblivious that I was helping others make money.

These days, your creativity earns you extra money in your pocket.
It takes real expertise and great marketing skills to make enough
money to survive on [go on a date, barbershop, buy concert tickets or
get a new tattoo]
It all depends on you and how you dread 'dumped guy' feeling.

Lets start: in this January, WE will learn
1. How to create a blog or website,
2. How to direct traffic to your site,
3. Search Engine Optimization, SEO
4. How to write or create good, relevant and marketable content.

If you already know this, then contribute and share with us as we
embark on a journey to give people the real empowerment (not
Zimbabwe's Indigenisation experiment)
You aren't a guinea pig, you are human and you deserve the honour and respect.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

Monday, 13 January 2014

Talk of a new start in 2014

A new start has nothing to do with the calendar. Yes timing is
important but life doesn't follow rigid timelines. Times is just but
one factor in life metamorphosis or transformation.

On the basis of time, the probability was high that Mugabe at 89 would
win the July 31st plebiscite but it happened due to other
On the basis of time, Kenya's First Grader looked silly in trying
school at 80 but he became a hero due to other circumstances.
On the basis of time, maize crops don't yield in less than 90 days but
due to circumstances its possible.

So what are the other circumstances that make what is deemed
impossible very possible.

1. You
you have talents and an attitude.
You need a positive attitude and a willingness to sacrifice.
"Success is measured by how much you had to give up in order to get it"
Change your attitude from the 'victim waiting for deliverance' to the
'victor wanting to deliver others'
Explore your talents. Stretch yourself to the limit. The earlier you
know your capabilities and limitations, the earlier you start making
logical and realistic goals towards success.

2. Position

Your position is also a determining factor on how far you go.
Position yourself strategically for maximum returns.
Put yourself where you want to be.
Don't wait for others to push you there.
Your position determines who comes to you and who leaves.
Your position is your rendezvous.
Selling tomatoes? Go where they are needed.
In the marketing business, go where prospective clients frequent.
Want to sell football jerseys, go to sports diners and football stadiums.

3. Resources (What's available to you)

What's available is what you have and what you access.
You have yourself, colleagues, capital and most importantly an idea.
Your IDEA and a conviction that it will work matters the most. In
religion they call it faith.
Sometimes you don't have enough or you don't have all the necessary
Devise a PLAN to get what's necessary or work with others in resource

4. Environment

Read the environment.
A good idea, plenty resources, your talent, and good positioning all
fall to not when the environment isn't right.
You can control the micro-environment but have very little influence
on the macro-environment.

Change what you can change and adapt to what you can't change.


Kind Regards

Ittai Bryan

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